The Government led by Pedro Sánchez presented on Tuesday, September 15, the new Democratic Memory Law With which it is intended to categorically prohibit the exaltation of the Franco regime, annul the trials without guarantees of the Franco regime, create a national census of victims and transform the Valley of the Fallen into a civil cemetery. This has been talked about at length in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ and for that reason its presenter has not hesitated to get wet and give your personal point of view regarding this package of measures which aims to complete the work that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero started in 2007 with the Law of Historical Memory.

Ana Rosa Quintana in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’

Although she does not appear to be against the law at any time, Ana Rosa Quintana considers that this is not the time for it; she believes that today there are other priorities. « At this time the protagonists of the Civil War have already died and the children of the protagonists have probably already died. Let’s talk about democracy, the Constitution and objective history »The journalist said, questioning whether there are still people who defend Francoism today. « Who is going to defend him after 40 years of democracy? », this has been asked, to which one of his collaborators has answered bluntly: « VOX ».

For its part, Quintana has also downplayed the Francisco Franco Foundation, stating that « he is a man and the drummer. » Something that seems that Javier Ruiz has not liked too much, who has not hesitated to affirm that « I do not take this as something so from the past (…) there are still people who are 80 years later looking for their parents. This is not an anecdote, there are between 20,000 and 25,000 cases. « For her part, Ana Rosa has supported her allegation and recalled that » that is what must be done before these people die, it is what should have been done with the law of Historical Memory « .

Javier Ruiz: « When is the time, Ana Rosa? »

Ruiz has followed his speech and has also been outraged that « there are still convictions from a public order court (…) it is a national and democratic shame ». Quintana, for his part, has replied that « I am not saying that it should not be done, what I am saying is that at that moment we have 50,000 deaths on the table and there is a complex epidemiological situation and budgets to be approved. There must be priorities. » « When is the moment, Ana Rosa? We have been waiting 84 years for the moment », Javier Ruiz has sentenced, evidencing the difference of opinion with his partner in this matter, while she has replied: « When we don’t have a crisis. »