The screams of Mariah Carey when vaccinated against Covid-19 go viral

Mariah carey, 52, could not hide his nervousness seconds before receiving the coronavirus vaccine and something that Nor could he help it was to release a small scream just at the time of the puncture, which was recorded in a video that immediately went viral.

It was the same singer who shared the material on her social networks so that her followers could witness the process and, at the same time, show that she already has the first immunization.

“Here I am, happy and a little nervous about this first injection,” she explained in the clip she posted on Instagram, titled ‘Side effect of the vaccine‘.

Best of all, Mariah didn’t lose her sense of humor to her nerves and He did not hesitate to shout not once, but twice and then clap and celebrate the important event.

The almost 3 million reproductions that the recording already has is a sign that her peculiar way of reacting enchanted her followers, who in more than 8 thousand comments congratulated her, left messages of admiration and told her that ‘it was the coolest vaccine’ that they have seen.

There are already several celebrities who are among the lucky ones who have already received the Covid-19 vaccine in the United States. The vast majority have shared the special moment on their social networks, in order to set an example and show citizens the importance of going to the application when appropriate.

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