The scolding that ‘La Segura’ gave to a user who criticized her for her surgeries


The influencer Natalia Segura, better known as ‘La Segura’, caused a stir on social networks by posting a message in which she responded to one of her users who pointed her out for her number of surgeries.

In the video, originally published through the social network Tik Tok, it is seen as a user tells him: “Not even in my math book are there so many surgeries.”

It should be clarified that ‘La Segura’, is recognized for speaking openly about the cosmetic surgeries that it has performed, it has even told its 7 million followers on Instagram that it has biopolymers. And although it seems that talking about it does not bother her, in particular, said comment by the netizen, it was noted that it bothered her and that is why she responded effusively.

“I went and asked you if your opinion of whether I had surgery or not mattered to me? The thing is, Jesus Christ, sir, what are we going to do with these people? “, The influencer pointed out in the video with which she responds to the user.

The answer followed with this comment: “Fat do you think that I care if you operate on a tit, a buttock, a nostril? I’m not interested, because I’m not going to go to his house and say ‘come on I’ll pay you the lipo’ ”.

But not happy with that, she told the user in the publication: “Did you come and pay me for this one, or this one? (referring to the operations on her breasts) Did you pay for my lipo? I don’t think so. So what do I care what you do; if he makes a valero berraco with his ass, fat ”.

The content creator ends her speech, making a recommendation to the user to be “happy” without “getting into anyone’s life” and “not giving her opinion where she doesn’t care.”

This is the video where ‘La Segura’ responds to the criticism of the user:

Response of ‘La Segura’ to criticism for surgeries. Video: Instagram ‘La Segura’

‘La Segura’, confirmed at the end of last month who had Covid-19. The revelation was known because the influencer expressed concern about her health after stating that he had been suffering from chest pain for many days and unable to breathe.

Although he mentioned that I did not have symptoms every day, He announced that he is asking for a medical appointment to be checked and told exactly what he has.

Today I tell you that I am a little sad because, do you remember that for 20 days I have been presenting as something respiratory? or I don’t know what it is and a doctor came and told me that it was costochondritis, well, this is not every day, in fact it has been like four times that I have felt super bad “, expressed the influencer in their stories.

In her statements, the Caleña indicated that long ago she had had covid-19, but that he never wanted to confirm the news of the virus in his body, because he did not want to receive tabloid comments because that could have generated anxiety.

“They ask me when did I get covid, ugh! That was a long, long time ago, and why did I never tell them? Babies because not, I mean, I said that apart from having covid, then people come and he tells me messages, no, you know that there are super yellowish people who practically tell him that he is going to die fatadded content creator.

The influencer was also at the epicenter of the comments on social networks, as she was harshly criticized after her friend Daiky gamboa revealed a video on his Instagram account sharing secrets about some of the “Latinos Kidz”, as they call their group of friends and of which other influencers such as Dani Duke and ‘La Liendra’ are part.

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