Moment of the opening of the OpenLab of the Science Park.

The OpenLab of the Science Park It has joined a national ‘maker’ movement, made up of a group of volunteers and engineers from different companies and research centers, to develop protective materials and respirators with which to face the current health crisis by the COVID-19. Specifically, the museum laboratory is producing, with 3D printers, an anti-splash screen for the masks of the Individual Protection Equipment (EPI). It is not a protective equipment that can replace others, such as goggles or a mask, or PPE itself, but rather complements them.

The initiative also works on Granada Robotics Club and the Free Software Office of the University of Granada, thanks to which 70 masks have already been produced and will begin to be distributed this week.

These masks will reach the HGranada Clinical Hospital and the Motril Regional Hospital, collaborators in the initiative, where they will be in charge of sterilizing them and putting the 300 micron acetates and the rubbers for their adjustment. In order to carry out the transfer of the material in the safest possible way, it will be a team of Red Cross Accompanied by security forces who will collect the material produced in the homes and transfer it to the health centers.

Through the OpenLab, the museum will continue to collaborate in all those initiatives that contribute to generating protection material against the COVID-19. With this action “the ‘maker’ movement demonstrates once again how important free software and hardware is and above all it shows that they are a group of people who do things for people”, as one of the technicians affirms. of the museum participating in the initiative.

OpenLab It is a laboratory for the promotion of technological culture and experimentation that was inaugurated in November 2019. It is a project in collaboration with the Andalusian Association of Technology Teachers (APTA) and the Granada Robotics Club.

OpenLab’Is an innovative space within the scope STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). The laboratory has the technological resources to experiment and develop projects, such as printers and a 3D scanner, a 360º camera or a laser cutter.

The laboratory arises in the context of a pilot project, promoted by the president of the Consortium and Minister of Education and Sports, Javier Imbroda, to enhance ICT in schools by offering them this space and its resources. For a year, the Science Park It will study the demand for its facilities, test motivating and participatory methodologies and evaluate its results.

This type of manufacturing laboratories and ‘makers’ spaces are booming around the world and are consolidating as tools for the new times. Their interdisciplinary nature and open knowledge at the service of citizens, as well as the technological endowment, make them a proposal adapted to our era for the promotion of scientific culture and the technological development of projects and ideas.

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