The Schumacher Foundation and the FIA, united to make helmets more accessible

They have designed a helmet of which 5,000 units will be donated to countries with few resources

The helmet is inspired by Schumacher and will be priced at less than 20 euros

The Keep Fighting Foundation has created a helmet with a design inspired by Michael Schumacher to promote the use of this element throughout the planet and make it more accessible. The plan is to distribute 5,000 units for free in 2021 to countries with few resources.

Helmets are one of the most effective inventions, proven to reduce motorcyclists’ head injuries by 44%. Aware of this, the FIA ​​has partnered with the Keep Fighting Foundation to launch an initiative within its ‘Safe and Affordable Helmet’ program.

The Foundation has designed a helmet inspired by Michael Schumacher and of this 5,000 free units will be distributed to a low-income country that will be decided later. What you also want to achieve with this idea is to make helmets more accessible around the world, so they will put more units of this on sale for 16.85 euros.

The helmet is designed based on the Keep Fighting Foundation logo, which features a dragon that refers to power and strength, a well-known symbol among all of Michael’s followers.


The project has already started in three markets: India, Jamaica and Tanzania are the first countries in which the first tests are developed. Looking ahead to 2021, three other venues have already been confirmed to develop this idea in favor of security and these will be Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

The objective of the initiative is that in the aforementioned countries the production of the helmet increases progressively both there and in the surroundings and that each region of the planet also has an area dedicated to this element so crucial for motorcyclists.

Keep Fighting Foundation president Sabine Kehm is very happy to have been the first to partner with the FIA ​​on a new project to ensure safety outside of competition. From the Foundation they trust that this project will be successful and that from 2021 riding a motorcycle in the city will be safer throughout the planet.

« The Foundation is very proud to be able to support this program of affordable and safe FIA ​​helmets, we believe that it is an issue in which it is logical to want to be involved. We want to increase safety with more advanced technology and make it accessible, something that will always help you. has worried Michael. We hope to create a global momentum around this project, « Kehm explains in an official FIA statement.

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