The scare that Sebastián Yatra got before going to the Latin Grammys

The scare that Sebastián Yatra took before going to the Latin Grammys (INSTAGRAM)

The scare that Sebastián Yatra got before going to the Latin Grammys | INSTAGRAM

Sebastián Yatra and his colleague, we even dare to say that friend, Guaynaa, were also present at the 21st Latin Grammy Awards gala and have taken the stage to perform “Ideal Girl”, the song that both premiered a little more than a month and that is an authentic dose of very catchy urban rhythms that undoubtedly brightened the night of the spectators of the ceremony.

The incredible talents of the Puerto Rican and the Colombian merged to give a surprising performance, where they performed from the headquarters of the event, in Miami, and they did so wearing simple outfits, although somewhat futuristic, especially Yatra, who did not hesitate to put on a silver jacket that attracted a lot of attention, both interpreters were loaded with positive energy.

The interpretation was a success, they managed to get the audience to stand up to take their best steps, in addition to leaving everyone with an excellent taste in their mouths, and the joy and conviviality was noticeable to the maximum, but, all this could not have been possible due to a little incident that was about to happen.

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It turns out that Sebastián Yatra, upon arriving at the venue of the great event, was wearing an exclusive Dolce & Gabbana outfit, an attractive three-piece suit manufactured under the Italian firm, in a peculiar brown color, together with a pair of elegant shoes In matching velvet, there was no doubt that Yatra was not one of the best dressed in the gala of Latin music and entertainment.

As we well know, to go on stage, to sing their new single, both Yatra and Guayna had to shed their elegant outfits to wear comfortable costumes and move more fluidly across the stage, in addition to singing and dancing all over the place. the site.

However, Sebastián got a little scare just a second before going out to sing with his colleague, it turns out that Yatra was about to leave the stage without shoes, and it was not until someone backstage gave him notice, that the interpreter realized, we imagine the face of impression that the Colombian put, and later the laughter that this fact caused him.

Also, that, in an alternate reality, if Yatra hadn’t realized he had no shoes on, we would have been able to see him walk the stage barefoot, which honestly could have been very funny.

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It is worth mentioning that both singers of the urban genre were nominated for some awards, firstly, Sebastián Yatra, was nominated in the categories of Best song and Best pop song for his single “Bonita”, in which he sings along with Juanes, Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, although finally the award went to “Residente” for René in the first place and to Camilo, JOn Leone and Richi López in the second for “Tutu”.

Although he did not win the award in the categories to which he was nominated, he did not go empty-handed, since Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo (Aka Cali & El Dandee) did win the producer of the year award, among others for the production of various Yatra songs like “Runaway” and “TBT”.

For its part, Guaynaa became last September, one of the first nominees in the category “Best Reggaeton Performance” that premiered in 2020 at the awards after last year several artists of the genre claimed a space for this music at the gala.