The pandemic of coronavirus has brought many problems worldwide in economic matters that continue to affect billions of inhabitants throughout the planet, while waiting for the creation of the vaccine.

In this context, high-level professional soccer players and coaches do not suffer from urgent inconveniences since their usual salaries usually allow them to live with greater facilities than the average, but logically in the absence of the payments the spirits are tempered.

Exactly that is happening with the Atlético Mineiro from Brazil, club in which its footballers they did not charge three months ago, with a peculiarity that sparked the scandal: Coach Argentinian Jorge Sampaoli and his coaching staff do receive their salary normally.

As reported by the newspaper O Tempo of the State of Minas Gerais, the players pointed to the president of the institution, Sergio Sette Camara. “There are some very annoying footballers, because the club owner does not address the problem and, at the same time, he pays the coach normally”, the newspaper detailed, adding that Sampaoli and his collaborators receive $ 220,000 monthly.

Last month the squad and the leaders had reached an agreement to cut wages by 25%, but reality indicates another present and the discussions reign among the soccer players. Will Sampaoli come out as group leader to clarify the situation?