The scale was processed for Miguel Berchelt and Óscar Valdéz

Erika montoya

Mexico City / 02.19.2021 18:45:40

The uncertainty prior to the weigh-in ceremony in the Las Vegas bubble ended when the Yucatecan world champion Miguel Berchelt stepped on the scale to mark an exact 130 pounds, at the top of the division, and thus give way to the duel that he will hold tomorrow against the Sonoran challenger Oscar Valdez.

Spitting and visibly worried, Berchelt asked the Commission authorities for permission to step on the scale just to check – minutes before the official weight – if he was okay.

With a face of relief Berchelt stepped off the scale just to wait for the time to get back up and score 130 pounds., the same weight as Óscar Valdez.

Perchet had hinted during the week the problems to mark the weight and his need for rehydration, However, although he fought, he managed not to lose the title on the scale.

Berchelt goes for the seventh exhibition of the title endorsed by the green and gold body; while Óscar Valdez aspires to conquer a second category.

In the fight for the star of the night, Puerto Rican Jayson Vélez seeks to revive his career in a 10-round duel before the Mexican American Gabriel Flores JR.