The Sandoval team ties the series – .

Mexico City. – ( Taking advantage of the lack of control in pitching “Alfredo Ortíz”, the team “José Luis Sandoval” tied the series by winning the second match 6 runs by 4 at the “Alfredo Harp Helú” stadium.

The “Alfredo Ortiz” team started attacking in the match with an RBI single by Omar Zenely to the left field, scoring from the anteroom Walberto Gamez, this against the starter Ricardo Hernández of the “José Luis Sandoval” team.

The Scarlets rallied three runs in the top of the fourth inning, taking advantage of the uncontrolled pitching rival, scoring with wheelie runs and receiving 3 walks in the inning.

The locals approached the board with a run in the bottom of the fifth inning with Walberto Gámez’s RBI rolled to middle, scoring from the anteroom Sebastián García to put the match 4 runs by 2.

The game was finalized by the Sandoval team with one more run at the top of the seventh inning, this with a horse race, Carlos Munguía scoring from the anteroom, who had gotten pregnant with a single to the left field.

The winning pitcher is Johan Alfaro and the loss is for Jordy Arias.

The last matches of each series will be played tomorrow at the “Alfredo Harp Helú” stadium.