The Samsung Galaxy A52 will have three years of updates

The South Korean giant has given good news to the users of the Samsung Galaxy A52, since these terminals will receive Android updates for three years. As many of our readers will know, the general rule of thumb when it comes to high-end smartphones is still two years of support, and between one and two years within the mid-range.

With this movement, the Samsung Galaxy A52 are placed in a much more interesting position for the average user and offer stronger value, but are you clear on what three years of Android updates really mean? I know that our more advanced readers will have answered with a resounding “yes”, but we are going to delve into this question so as not to leave anyone in doubt.

When we buy an Android-based smartphone it has, depending on the manufacturer and the range in which it is positioned, limited support at the software level. In this sense, it is important to be clear that software updates are divided into two large groups, those that operate at the operating system level, known as Android updates, and those that are applied at the security level.

Typically, a top-of-the-range Android-based smartphone has at least two years guaranteed of updates to that operating system, and two to three years of security updates. This is in stark contrast to the support cycle that Apple’s iPhones have, which is around five years of updates (both security and operating system).

Samsung Galaxy A52 series will receive superior support

As we have anticipated, the Samsung Galaxy A52 range will have three guaranteed years of Android updates, which means that you will receive a total of three great versions of that operating system. Thus, this family, which comes with Android 11, should successively update to Android 12, Android 13 and Android 14.

Throughout that support cycle, the Samsung Galaxy A52 series will also receive monthly security updates. And what happens after that three-year period ends? Simple, you will no longer receive new versions of Android, but you will You will continue to receive security updates every six months.

Samsung typically offers four years of security updates, but we can’t rule out that the company decides to extend that maximum soon. With regard to the Galaxy A42, Galaxy A32, Galaxy A12 and below, for now those models maintain the two-year support cycle of Android updates. It is not bad at all, especially considering that they maintain security updates for four years, and that these are models that already enter what we can consider as low-medium range.

I understand that most users tend to prioritize design and specifications before choosing their new smartphone, but we must also be aware of the importance of both Android and operating system support. A powerful smartphone that becomes software obsolete in just one year will undoubtedly be a bad buy.