The same dose! Again ‘Chicote’ Calderón scores a goal to Memo Ochoa

Few saw it coming in the National Classic that is celebrated in the Aztec stadium, but the Chivas coach, Victor Manuel Vucetich, decided to leave on the bench Angel Zaldívar, who had played first in the repechage and the quarterfinals of Ida, to place Oribe Peralta, who saw very few minutes in the regular phase, always coming in relief.

Also, two other changes that King Midas made in his lineup was to place Alan Torres in place of Fernando Beltran Y Cristian Calderon replacing the injured Ricardo Angulo, movements that so far are working for the rojiblanco team, since they increased the advantage in the overall 0-2 key.

Once again the great hero of Guadalajara is El Chicote Calderón, who apparently made an exact copy of the goal he scored on the field of Akron Stadium, with a strong shot from outside the area that left the goalkeeper without a chance Guillermo Ochoa.

It was at minute 30 when the Paraguayan Richard Sanchez he was wrong to deliver the ball to Henry Martin and the tapatío counterattack was armed with Calderón playing Isaác Brizuela, this way until near the boundaries of the area to pass to Cepillo, who stopped and delayed so that El Chicote had confidence and took a powerful shot that was nailed in the upper left corner.

Last Wednesday after his goal that gave them victory in La Fortaleza, the left-back accepted that he did not have the confidence to shoot, but in the end he let himself go, although this time there is no doubt that he did have confidence to repeat the dose. .

“He did not trust me, but in the end if I said ‘fuck his mother to see what comes out’ and well if he scored a goal, the truth is I am very happy for having scored that goal,” he revealed to Chivas TV.

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