The sale of smartphones has been giving up some points globally for years. Nothing like the stoppage of the last month for which data is available. According to those published by the market analysis firm Strategy Analytics, nothing to do with the current one.

Until 38% drop. Nearly two out of every five smart phones that were distributed in the second month of 2019 did not find an owner last month, in a slowdown that knows no global precedent. Of the 99.2 million units distributed in February 2019, Strategy Analytics estimates a drop to 61.8 million.

An earthquake that will have aftershocks

The break originates in the midst of a global pandemic, whose name is COVID-19. Analysts place to the Asian market, the most voluminous in absolute terms, as one of the great protagonists. And it is that we remember that it is now when China is recovering its economic activity, after about a couple of months frozen due to confinement.

Linda Sui, director of Strategy Analytics points to network effects that this could have in the rest of the world:

“Demand for smartphones plummeted in Asia last month, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and this dragged shipments around the world. Some Asian factories were unable to make smartphones, while many consumers were unable or unwilling to visit. retail stores and buying new devices. “

The figures are halfway between the moderate drop that the global telephony market saw during the same month of 2019, which stand at 3%, and the blow that Apple suffered in China last February with the sale of its iPhone, which were left up to 60% of sales according to ..

Although the activity in some of the Asian countries that suffered the onslaught and cessation of activity by the coronavirus It is already being resumed, it is precisely now when many other countries enter it. Spain, Italy or the United States are only the first examples of a confinement and its effects on the economy.

These will foreseeably take months to fully recover, so it is more than expected to see aftershocks to this earthquake on the figures sales of smartphones, but also of other consumer technology products.

While the distribution chains of the big manufacturers are resumed on one side of the world, the points of sale are closed in which to put the product into the hands of the consumer on the other. An example of this is Apple itself, which has all of its stores outside China closed “until further notice.”

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