The sad reason why Evan Peters is Quicksilver in ‘WandaVision (Scarlet Witch and Vision)’

Millions of fans around the world were left with their mouths open when Wanda maximoff, during the fifth episode of WandaVision (Scarlet Witch and Vision) opens the door of his house and finds, nothing more and nothing less than, Pietro – his brother – murdered at the hands of Ultron in Sokovia. But above all because the actor who plays him is not Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the one chosen for the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, otherwise Evan Peters, who played the version of Quicksilver in the movies of X Men.

The motive was not really to wink, to give a surprise or a gift to the audience or the fans. There are much deeper reasons, but above all, much sadder than we might imagine.

Has explained it Jac schaeffer, the series’ main screenwriter and showrunner during an interview on the Empire magazine podcast. It all has to do with Wanda Maximoff’s journey through her deep grief after losing both her brother and her partner… and to top it all, twice.

“We invited a psychologist to the writers’ table and from there we did some research on the duel. We found that there is a lot of material around the way people remember the faces of those who lose.

«Especially in relation to the anxiety caused by forgetting the faces of the people you love. Or having a wrong memory, like a practice of self-protection against pain, which fascinated us. That’s when we thought it would be a good idea for Evan Peters to be the actor to play Pietro. It would not only have an effect on Wanda. It would also be a metalayer for the audience.

Evan Peters as Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver in WandaVision (Scarlet Witch and Vision)

But he couldn’t imagine the audience’s reaction to seeing Evan Peters as Quicksilver on WandaVision.

But the decision seems to have been based, above all, on creative decisions that made sense of everything explained above. Yes, there is a self-referential framework between movies and comic book characters, but it was not something that, he explains, was done to cause audience reactions.

“It wasn’t something we could have anticipated,” referring to the fandom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all the theories that emerged once the episode was broadcast where Evan Peters appears for the first time. «I don’t know, maybe Mary Livanos and Kevin Feige are used to it, and it’s like that for them all the time, but not for me. All these speculations were crazy! “

“It’s not that it wasn’t part of what I should think when I write, but at the same time, it’s not my department. I am very lucky when I can hear some details of other projects within Marvel studios«. Referring to the fact that there is an interconnected cinematic universe much larger than a single series, in this case, WandaVision.

In the end it wasn’t Pietro / Quicksilver… was it?

In the end the character of Evan Peters in WandaVision (Scarlet Witch and Vision) it was not Pietro maximoff (Quicksilver). Nor was it the interconnection between universes or the beginning of the multiverse as many speculated.

Evan Peters he played an inhabitant of Westview who got caught up in the world created by Wanda and manipulated by Agatha Harkness, who made him believe it was his brother.

But recently the actor has been seen on the set of Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness, which will connect directly with the series. Which, again, has unleashed all kinds of theories that unfortunately we will not be able to verify or deny until the premiere of the film.

You can now see all the episodes of WandaVision (Scarlet Witch and Vision) exclusively on Disney Plus.

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