The sack is opened! Chayanne shows why he is the most handsome

The sack is opened! Chayanne shows why he is the most handsome | AP

One of the singers and favorite Latin American actors showed why he is considered the most handsome man of 2021, because in addition to appearing on the cover of an important magazine, Chayanne also appears on the inside of the magazine, leaving his coat open!

This by far could be one of the photos favorites of the admirers of the Puerto Rican who recently Who magazine had the honor of crowning as the most handsome man of the year 2021.

Having a cover a few pages inside the magazine Chayanne It captivated all the women who decided to acquire the magazine, as well as the curiosity to know the other names of the celebrities that appear on the famous list.

Although the Puerto Rican He is the one who heads this list with great pride and above all security, but without a doubt his humility when knowing himself with this title is perhaps what most excited everyone.

The singer and performer of “Salome“He was in an interview with the magazine so apparently he revealed some things to them that not everyone knew about him, in fact he shared what it was for him to be sexy as the magazine assures.

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A day ago they shared a photo on their Instagram account where they mentioned one of the responses of the singer and actor, Chayanne affirms that for a man to be considered s * x and it was not all the physical, but also the fact of knowing how to conquer to a woman and above all to treat her

Of course, you cannot forget the small details that for millions is what counts the most, although it seems something strange like opening the car door, a flirtatious look or simply telling her that she is beautiful are small things that could easily melt anyone.

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The best thing about the magazine is that after downloading it from the official website, it would not be a surprise if this August issue becomes one of the most famous, simply because he appears on the cover.

In the image they shared, he appears posing standing, leaning against what appears to be a door frame, wearing a linen suit, but not wearing a low-cut shirt, this is brown and his jacket is unbuttoned so he leaves his abdomen in full view of all, as an accessory she is wearing a long necklace with a black pendant and her beautiful and characteristic smile, with that the Puerto Rican singer has to make more than one fall in love.


This admiration felt by his millions of female fans is due not only to his music but also to his charisma and way of treating others, always being so humble.

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Since 1992 the singer has been married to the former beauty queen Marilisa Maronese, with whom he has two children Isadora and Lorenzo Figueroa, this is another important point that they consider him with this title because any woman would be more than in love and delighted to have a dedicated, caring and lovable husband like him.

For his part, Chayanne shared the cover photo yesterday, despite the fact that he is not as active on his social networks.

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Whenever he publishes new content, his fans immediately begin to love him and publish quite emotional messages and some without explicit ones, especially he tends to have messages where his alleged children tell him to return home or to send pension money, it is one of the most characteristic memes of the singer.

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