The ruling of the Chilean subsidiary of Baxter, chosen by Ayuso

For a few days the supply of serum at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos from Madrid is competition of a private company, Baxter, SL It is about the privatization of a service that, according to the MATS union, has only been in operation for a short period of time and has already caused problems, as collected by El Plural. Early 2020 this same international company, through its subsidiary in Chile, was news for a sentence against him in that country.

Baxter International Inc. has subsidiaries in different countries, including Spain.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Baxter International Inc. has subsidiaries in different countries, including Spain. (Photo: Getty Images)

Baxter in a international company based in the United States and more than eight decades of history that has subsidiaries in various countries. In Spain, as they explain on their website, they have been present “for more than 40 years” with offices in Madrid, Valencia and Sabiñánigo (Huesca). “In the latter is located its intravenous solutions factory that serves more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa,” they explain in their description.

The Spanish subsidiary, as published by El Plural, has been the company that has signed a contract with the Community of Madrid for the “supply of Fluid Therapy and Comprehensive Management Service for the Pharmacy Service of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos de Madrid”. Three more companies participated and the contest was closed in December of last year. Theamount of the contract amounts to 1,099.65 euros (VAT included) and lasts for two years.

For a few days, Baxter has taken charge of the management and supply of the serums in the aforementioned Madrid hospital with some problems, according to the MATS union. “In a week of activity with the new Pharmacy warehouse management model, the reduction of public personnel for the distribution of orders is already generating supply problems, especially on weekends, by reducing the stocks in the destination units ”, they have assured in statements to El Plural.

They warn from MATS that this can “generate supply problems for certain types of patients.” In their statements, they criticize that the Community’s decision to privatize these services is based on “efficiency criteria, which are never based on technical reports that show that they benefit the patient or worker more than when they are carried out by public management” .

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In early 2020, Baxter’s Chilean subsidiary (with which the Spanish company shares mother company and name) was news on account of a contract award in that country. According to the newspaper La third, the Tribunal for the Defense of Free Competition (TDLC) condemned both this laboratory and Sanderson for having reached an agreement to try to control two tenders public saline solutions. The events denounced by the National Economic Prosecutor, Ricardo Riesco, occurred in 2012 and, according to the ruling, it was proven that both companies agreed to present their offers.

The agreement between the intermediaries was that the contract should go to Sanderson, says La third. However, it did not go according to plan when Baxter did not comply with the agreement and a third party took the second contract at stake. After the sentence, Riesco explained that it “confirms that the collusion [pacto] It is the most serious attack against free competition and a priority focus on the agenda of the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office, even when it does not produce the effects expected by its participants. The mere existence of an agreement between competitors is reprehensible, even if it manages to materialize or if any of the participants departs from what was agreed, as happened in this case. “

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