What is promised is debt. So just as we already announced a few weeks ago that the Complutense band The Royal Flash switched to Castilian on their new album “La Pasión”, they opened this stage with the video clip of “Aire”, showing that turn they have given to a a new style of their own that they call “Latin garage” and with which they hope to connect in a more direct way with the public. What is promised is debt.

The group members themselves explain that “on days like these, days when the world beyond our windows is also affected by confinement and monotony, days when we find ourselves trapped between our four walls and although we are not lacking in freedom, we are thirsty for “air”. In short, as they insist, they sing “on behalf of those of us who are in love with life and its adrenaline, if you find it difficult to breathe in these hard moments, we give you our nuestro Air”.

In times of acoustic streaming performances, they return The Royal Flash with all the vumeters in red, a resounding guitar that reminds us of the revitalizing power of rock and a rhythmic base that is not trotting, it is galloping in “Aire” his new video clip.

A song that throbs and that involuntarily adapts to the times, because although in its genesis it was inspired by the overwhelming and decadent routine that we were subjected to daily until a couple of weeks ago, in its refrain the guitarist Miguel Ángel Marshall warns that we are already short of breath and ends up howling: “Give me air!”

‘Aire’ is the first song that sees the light of the new Royal Flash LP, titled ‘The Passion’, that will arrive soon on a date to be determined. A whiplash that was intended to be a wake-up call for the crazy pace of our lives and is now a battle cry practically for survival.

Summarize well ‘Air’ all that is to come for Royal Flash, because after two EPs -‘Physical & Electrical ‘(2014, Moba Studios) and’ Modern Youth Affairs’ (2018, Álamo Shock) – and an LP -Hysteria (2016, Moba Studios) -, the band from Alcalá de Henares goes from English to Spanish and a new genre is invented in which only they fit: the Latin garage.

Specifically, in ‘Aire’, available on all platforms, the hottest of Latin percussion and the darkest of the dance floor come together, accompanied by the highest voltage guitars that you will hear in these suffocating times of confinement. The rock that comes to the rescue once again with all its artillery.

And he does it for the first time in Spanish, in another decisive step for training. “We have a way of feeling music that connects death with many people, but the language barrier has always been a handicap”, concedes the vocalist, who remarks that they are aware that “to connect with people, language is key”.