The Royal Family files complaints against the series The Crown by Lady Di

The Royal Family files complaints against the series The Crown by Lady Di (Netflix)

The Royal Family launches complaints against series The Crown by Lady Di | Netflix

Among other topics, the chapters that all the fan royals were waiting to see in the recent premiere of the fourth season of the series The Crown, was the beginning of the story between Prince carlos Y Lady dianaHowever, the episodes have already provoked the first reactions, without much surprise, these would come from the United Kingdom.

Apparently the Royal Family is not very happy with many of the scenes of the new production of Netflix that kept all his followers in anticipation after several months. And as expected of royalty, it didn’t take long for them to express their position.

As it has transpired, the environment of the British Royal Family has already spoken out against the story that addresses the drama of the life of Queen Isabel II and all his offspring.

Royals reportedly would not be overjoyed as they have called the story “unreal” and “insensitive.”

It should be remembered that the Netflix series, “The Crown” is a production that portrays the environment of the royal family, however, it also contains fiction and reality, although this in some way has further undermined the image of some of its members.

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Has Buckingham taken it as a personal attack?

According to the comments that have circulated from the British monarchy, it is people very close to Prince Charles who would launch strong criticism of the new season of the series which covers the periods 1979 to 1990, time in which Lady diana spencer, (maiden name) and Carlos starred in the great “wedding of the century.”

However, it also shows a more intimate look at the marriage of Charles and Diana, the eating disorders that accompanied her for several years and that were largely the trigger for the relationship between Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, according to the episodes. .

Throughout the scenes, it shows a Prince Charles seeking his happiness, and recognition of his work but finds that all credit goes to the beauty and sympathy of his wife, Diana of Wales, in whom British society he was concentrating his attention, something that would not be so far from reality!

Was it Carlos’ jealousy for the attention to his wife? The infidelities with Camila? The detachment from Lady Diana? part of the “fiction” that the Royal Family claims.

The truth is that the own “Wale’s princess“He would have confessed in a revealing interview secretly conducted in 1995 that his life with Prince Charles would have been” hell. ”

Likewise, people close to her, some of her most trusted employees, would have exposed in some books about the life of the royal part of the “unhappiness” that she lived, this together with the sufferings she suffered, some of which are shown in the Serie: “The Bulim! A “ and depressive pictures.

Criticism from Buckinhgam has turned to the production created by Peter Morgan

This is a fictional drama, entertainment for commercial purposes that takes place without regard to the people involved whose lives are appropriated and exploited.

In this case, events that happened in very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago are brought to light again without thinking about anyone’s feelings. That is neither good nor fair, especially when many of the things that are represented do not conform to the truth ”, they affirm from the surroundings of Prince Charles.

In short, what would bother the royals most was the image about the son of the Queen isabel II, the future king and who appears with an “insensitive and selfish air” point out, that he marries an innocent young woman, the aristocrat, Diana, while maintaining an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, a woman already married at this stage.

“Many of the scenes are invented to entertain”, point out the detractors of the series so they should not be believed 100%.

There is no intention of telling a carefully nuanced story, everything is very two-dimensional. This is trolling on a Hollywood budget. The public should not be fooled into thinking that this is an accurate account of what really happened, “they say.

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“These are events that still hurt” Prince William

Similarly, another of those who have disqualified many of these scenes, Charles and Diana’s own firstborn, Prince William, who apparently would join the discontents towards history and qualify them as a way “to exploit in a way false the figure of his parents just to earn money. ”

These events are not stories from 100 or even 50 years ago. The pain is still severe and not enough time has passed. The fiction becomes more attractive than the facts and dramatizing these painful events of marital breakdowns and injured children is very insensitive ”, they denounce.