It is evident that we will not be able to recover all the tournaments that the coronavirus has taken from our calendar over the last few months, but there are some lucky ones who seem to have found the solution to their problems. After the relocation of dates of Roland Garros, it is now the Masters 1000 and WTA Premier of Rome the one that is about to reach the finish line so that Italy can enjoy its most important event. Angelo Binaghi, president of the FIT, explained in an interview in Super Tennis what stage are the negotiations right now, and the truth is that everything looks pretty good.

“We are in very fruitful conversations, we are fortunate to have a president and a CEO at ATP who are such valid compatriots. Andrea Gaudenzi has a direct and frequent relationship with us, so we will know everything soon. At the moment it is all confidential but I can say that, except for catastrophe, we are going to reorganize the Internazionali BNL d’Italia in September, between the middle and the end of September ”, declares Binaghi.

But the Italian has many other concerns on top of rescuing the Roman tournament. “Right now we are discussing with the government when we will start Phase 3 and their respective competitions, although I have to admit that I was more concerned with the beginning of Phase 2, the most important for clubs and tennis professionals. As soon as they give us the green light, which I hope will be a matter of days, we will have an intense calendar of individual tournaments that will also include the absolute Italian championships ”, he adds with a smile.

Returning to the Internazionali BNL d’Italia, Angelo underscores his joy at the new dates found, noting that they may be even more positive than the original ones. “The Romans tell me that September is an extraordinary period, the best time to play tennis, even better than mid-May, which would have been the natural date without the appearance of the coronavirus. Soon I will have another meeting with the Minister of Sports to study how we can get our fans to attend the event as well, ”he proposes.

Binaghi also commented during the interview on some ideas that have been regularly discussed during this quarantine, such as the one that aims to unify circuits in search of a single corporate identity. “The idea of ​​merging ATP and WTA seems excellent to me. What Gaudenzi said at the time was quite right, even now we should rethink adding the ITF also within that merger. I think the ideal is that there should only be one reference in world tennis, just as it happens in other sports. I have no doubts that Gaudenzi is the right person for this to take place, “said his compatriot.

After many weeks of pessimism, it seems that tennis is finally beginning to see a clear path for his return. That’s how Angelo understands it. “Many scientific investigations have been carried out in many countries of the world, including the Polytechnic University of Turin did the same in Italy, ratifying that tennis is the safest sport in times of emergency. Within this coronavirus disgrace, we knew that tennis would have some competitive advantage ahead of team and contact sports, or those disciplines that can only be performed indoors. Since then we have developed a campaign with a wide coverage that reminds us that playing tennis, even now, can only do us good, “he concludes.