LOS ANGELES – The Rolling Stones band unveiled “Living in a Ghost Town” on Thursday, their first new song since 2012 and a theme that, according to the legendary British band, may have special significance due to confinement during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Life was very beautiful, and then we had to lock ourselves up. I feel like a ghost, living in a ghost town,” sings Mick Jagger in verses with obvious echoes of the global coronavirus crisis.

“The Stones were in the studio filming new footage prior to quarantine and there was a song that we thought could resonate with the times we are currently living. We have worked on it in confinement. And here we have it,” Mick Jagger explained in a statement. .

The singer clarified in an interview with journalist Zane Lowe of Apple Music that they had to slightly adapt the lyrics, but stressed that it remained practically as they had thought it before confinement.

In short, we created this track over a year ago in Los Angeles as part of the new album, an ongoing project. When the situation started to go wrong, Mick and I decided that we needed to work on this song, so here you have it, ‘ Living in a Ghost Town. ‘Take good care of yourself! “Keith Richards added in the statement.

“Living in a Ghost Town” is the first new song by The Rolling Stones from the unreleased tracks “Doom and Gloom” and “One More Shot” that they integrated into the compilation “GRRR ! ” (2012).

The Puerto Rican singer was shirtless in quarantine while the Mexican performed the “pillow challenge.” Look at the images here.

The last album with new songs from “Their Satanic Majesties” was “A Bigger Bang” (2005), although in 2016 they released a cover album “Blue & Lonesome”.

The Rolling Stones had a US tour scheduled for this summer, but all of their concerts have been postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.

The group participated last weekend in the virtual and charitable event “One World: Together at Home”, organized by Lady Gaga and the World Health Organization and where the four members of The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards , Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood) performed, each from their home, the song “You Can” t Always Get What You Want “.