The roads have a new orange DGT sign

For a few months, secondary roads in Spain may have this orange rectangular sign at certain points. What does it mean?

June 9, 2021 (13:00 CET)

New traffic sign on secondary roads.  What does it mean?New traffic sign on secondary roads. What does it mean?

The velocity is one of the elements most controlled by the DGT and by the traffic officers on our roads. They currently have a wide variety of radars To fulfill this purpose: remember that fixed radars must be previously marked and that, in the case of mobiles, the legislation is more open and not so clear in this regard.

Now there is a new sign that fulfills a double function and that is related to everything that we are talking about. A rectangular orange sign, already placed in 300 points of the Spanish conventional roads. It is an informative sign with a double function: announce a section with a high concentration of accidents and, in turn, warn of the possible presence of mobile radars let them control our speed.

In the distance indicated on the poster we must moderate the speed. “If you see this sign on a conventional road, it is warning you that this is one of the most dangerous sections and that speeding is especially monitored for the length of the section indicated,” says the DGT on their social networks.

The truth is similar signs already exist, larger, that we have seen in recent years in dangerous sections of some Spanish motorways and motorways. Now, Get used to seeing this new orange sign on back roads too. You are already forewarned.

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