The ‘Riot Accounts’ problem that frustrates the League community

A couple of days ago, a very interesting debate arose on Reddit about the so-called ‘Riot Accounts’ or Riot Accounts, profiles granted to professional players or streamers with very high MMR so that they can play without waiting a lot of soloQ queue.

So far everything is fine; Professionals receive help from the publisher to play and continue practicing, despite the fact that it is still a kind of smurf that can ‘alter’ the experience of many Diamond and even Master players.

However, in this Reddit thread The real problem with these accounts has been revealed, and it is that they get a lot more LP than they lose, which has caused the frustration of much of the LoL community that uses this forum.

This screenshot above belongs to one of the accounts of Giyuu, Lebanon’s professional player who has reached the number 1 rank in Europe playing with this Riot Games account with the MMR through the roof.

The community has not criticized him for reaching number 1, more than deserved seeing his win / loss record, but the problem is that has frustrated to many summoners to see that this player, in addition to receiving an account of this type, hardly loses points when he is defeated.

It’s a problem that Riot Games is trying to fix in the latest patches, as many players are stuck on soloQ due to losing more LP than they earn, causing frustration and an urge to stop playing.

The same thing happens in NA, in the account of My Dream LCS; he gains an average of 26-35 LP and loses between 7 and 9, making wins much more valuable than they would be for any other player.

And you will say, « Well, for people to make an account from 0 and inflate their own rating, right? » It doesn’t work like that, since these accounts start in Diamond – Master, so in a few games they sneak in at the top.

It seems that this will continue to be a problem for Riot Games, and although it is very difficult to balance, these types of accounts cause more frustration for players who try to climb and do not succeed, although it is understandable that they exist.