The reunion with a secondary Kondogbia

The output of Thomas Partey the last day of the transfer market seemed like a blow that was going to destabilize the Atlético de Madrid this season. So from the club they went to work looking for a replacement. And at that moment a market opportunity appeared: Geoffrey kondogbia. The player was eager to get out of a dissolving Valencia and Cholo fit in with his plans.

However, the time it took for Atlético to close its operation kept going. Simeone He kept looking for an eleven that would give stability to the team. Well, in the double pivot he found a new tenant as is the case of Koke that in recent years he had always played indoors. In the center of the field he began to have his best minutes in a long time. So the doubt was once who was with him and there began a fight between Saúl, Herrera, Torreira and in the last matches until Lemar.

Kondogbia It came in November when the fight for a position in the double pivot had become fierce. The substitute for Thomas but it seemed that the squad had managed well without the Ghanaian. So the Frenchman began to adapt hoping to be an important player in the team but the truth is that he has not yet had the importance he expected.

So far his only appearances in the starting eleven have been in the Copa del Rey against him Cardassar and the Cornellà. A competition in which they have fallen and will not have more opportunities. Meanwhile in the League he has played eight games, all coming off the bench, in total he has added 135 minutes. In none of those games did he exceed half an hour, in fact the game that has played the most has been against Valladolid and he spent 28 minutes on the pitch.

Tonight will be measured at Valencia the one that came out and in which they expected to be one of the important men. The output of Equal and Coquelin, two players who had relegated him to the substitution in recent seasons left for the Villarreal, so it was time to step forward. However, the Frenchman put him aside to go to a team that was going to fight for titles this season.

We’ll see if he has minutes again before what was his Valencia at Metropolitan although they will be coming off the bench.