The ‘resurrection’ of Koke | Atlético de Madrid

His last name could never have been better for Koke than right now. The captain of Atlético de Madrid he is living a resurrection with which he is astonishing everyone. It does not matter if it is in his club or in the National Team, the mattress youth squad is having a spectacular season despite the fact that his play always goes a little more unnoticed.

It can be said with complete confidence that Koke has been exalted for several months. As it must also be said that during these years he has not been bad either, although a sector of the fans has come to criticize him incomprehensibly. Atlético de Madrid’s worst streaks have always coincided with their injuries, so it is obvious that the vallecano has been, is and will be a fundamental pillar in the team that Cholo Simeone trains.

But it must also be recognized that since football returned after confinement, Koke has climbed a notch, remembering that footballer from 2014 who got everything. Although at Atlético all eyes are on Joao Félix, Luis Suárez or Jan Oblak, the ‘6’ continues to give it that balance necessary for the team to function well, being a key piece for the gear of Simeone’s approach. Because that new football that Atleti del Cholo proposes fits the youth squad like a glove, creating and distributing the game, joining the attack and defending. In short, Koke is everywhere.

Not only is he offering his best version with Atlético, but the National Team has once again counted on him. The competition in the center of the field of the Spanish team left Koke without being called up since 2018, but in the last international break he received a call from Luis Enrique. The mattress player participated in all three games, but with special mention his performances against the Netherlands and in the historic 6-0 win against Germany. Two games with which he “forces” the national coach to take him to the European Championship that will be played next summer.