Tinelli awards the « operation » to Angelici. And he alleges that he had been threatened with audios « for years » (NA photo: MARCELO CAPECE)

Marcelo Tinelli It processed a few hours the eavesdrops that were disclosed in the Jorge Lanata program on Miter radio. In the recordings, which date from 2013, he is heard talking to Julio Grondona, then president of the AFA, asking for referees for the San Lorenzo matches. The driver, president of the Cyclone and the Argentine Professional Soccer League, counterattacked on social media and pointed out a person responsible for the dissemination of the material: Daniel Angelici, former owner of Boca.

« I estimate that a public prosecutor will already be working to investigate who delivered this private material, which should have been destroyed, so that it can be disseminated in the media. I never did anything illegal. Absolutely available to Justice. If not, I will be a plaintiff, ”he wrote in a first post.

« These eavesdrops that tell me that they happened on the radio today, will they be the same ones that a former president of Boca claimed to have had, given to him by a judge before he was removed from his post? » Without naming them, he referred to former judge Norberto Oyarbide and the aforementioned Angelici, who was an opponent of Tinelli in the truncated elections of 2015 that faced the journalist and Luis Segura and that led to the 38-38.

Indeed, as he was able to find out InfobaeTinelli told his intimates that he has no doubts that it is « an operation by Angelici » and alleged that Lanata, with whom he is at odds, lent himself to it. He insisted that he has been « threatened with the folder » of the eavesdropping for years. Even among the leaders who contacted him they took it as something that everyone usually does, according to the arbitration that their teams had with the candidates to lead the game date after date. « These operations are going to continue, forget it, » he warned one of his close ones.

A month ago, the ShowMatch host had accused the Mauricio Macri government of « persecuting those who thought differently or their own who might go astray », also through a waterfall of tweets.

« The phones listened to you, they read your emails, they pressed you with the AFIPThen, added the businessman on social networks, in relation to the complaint promoted by the AFI about the existence of an alleged illegal espionage system during the Macri administration.


Leaked conversations between the late AFA president and Marcelo Tinelli They refer to the appointment of the referees for the First League matches and the programming of the times of the meetings that had as protagonist San Lorenzo in 2013. Back then, the TV host was vice president of the Cyclone, who aspired to win the championship.

In a first call, Tinelli made his position clear. It was mid-August and Argentinos Juniors had to visit the New Gasometer by date 3 of the Initial tournament. « I don’t want Ceballos to direct me, I want the best: Delfino« , Raised. And I add: « I don’t want Caruso’s friends, Pablo Díaz, Luis Álvarez and Fernando Rapallini ”. Finally, Rapallini was the judge.

The other audio dates from June 2013. San Lorenzo visited Independiente at the Libertadores de América stadium and locals could descend for the first time in their history, as it finally happened. Days before, Tinelli called him to Grondona and this time he complained about the supposed nomination of Silvio Trucco.

You listen between Tinelli and Grondona – Part 1 (Damián Rodríguez / Infobae)

« There I spoke with (Javier) Cantero. You tell me that you had suggested Trucco. I don’t like Trucco, Julio. Can’t put Delfino? Cantero has no problem putting Delfino in the game with Independiente. To the best referee who can direct us. Cantero called me and said: ‘I don’t want Pitana. ‘ I told him that Pitana is a good referee, but he said he doesn’t want him because he screwed them up in such a place. Then Trucco said to me. I told him that Trucco did not. That is a donkey that threw us to Stracqualursi in 30 minutes, It is a disaster ”, is Tinelli’s speech in listening.

You listen between Tinelli and Grondona – Part 2 (Damián Rodríguez / Infobae)