The residents of Estepona say goodbye with applause to the troops who have supported to control the fire

Estepona neighbors dismiss UME troops who have worked against the fire. (Photo: EUROPA PRESSEuropa Press)

The members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and those who arrived from other communities have begun to leave the advanced command post in Estepona after controlling the fire. The rain in the last few hours has been a key element in stopping the uncontrolled advance of the flames over the Sierra Bermeja that, for five days, have devastated nearly 10,000 hectares.

During the departure of the troops, the affected residents approached the operations center and wanted to thank their support with applause.

Now the work is focused on the perimeter and the 200 troops left in the area will look for hot spots, organized in two shifts, to prevent it from evolving into a new fire. Although, as explained by Juan Sánchez, director of Extinction of the Andalusian Forest Fire Plan (Infoca), “there is no real risk” of that happening.

The liquidation plan

There are currently five intervention groups with three checkpoints each and a pumper truck. Regarding air resources, eight medium-heavy helicopters, two heavy (transport) helicopters and the command and control helicopter continue to work for the entire supervision of the operation.

Sánchez has indicated that there are several weeks of work left. “We still have hot spots and they are going to come out. And when the rain passes and the sun rises, more will come out ”, he added.

Back home

Regarding the 250 evicted residents of the Malaga municipality of Genalguacil, who remained evacuated, Infoca’s operational management has authorized them to return to their homes in an “orderly and gradual” manner.

On the night of this Tuesday, the return of 1,366 residents of five towns in Malaga has also been authorized, the inhabitants of Jubrique, Faraján, Júzcar, Alpandeire and Pujerra

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