Gustavo Coleoni resigned from his position as technical director of Central Córdoba (Santiago del Estero) in March after a string of bad results. However, two months later, he assured TNT Sports that he is ready to return, but that the president does not answer the phone. Currently, the Santiago team has no coach since his departure.

This was explained: “I want to return to Central Córdoba. At the time of my resignation I had my head in a serious health problem for my mother, and despite that I had put the club above everything because the club is above everyone, we are passing. Everyone was surprised by the way they asked me to step aside. “

However the “Frog“he reflected upon learning of the cancellation of the declines for two seasons.” But after the AFA confirmed that there would be no drops, I called the club president, José Alfano, to let you know that I had solved my mother and wanted to return. I took the team to the First, almost without resources, and I think I deserve the chance to return. But he never answered me or returned my calls, “he explained.

“I want to go back to Central Córdoba because it is my house and the second part of the project has to be completed. People appreciate me a lot, I have that recognition, but I feel that the club leadership does not value me and I lack respect. I want a yes or no answer. I know I am on the list of possible coaches, but by trajectory I do not deserve this. I only ask the authorities of Central Córdoba to give me an urgent response, “he added.

The new manager of “Ferroviario” is Alexis Ferrero, who in the interview with TNT Sports He advised that they are in talks with 10 or 12 coaches. “I do not want conflicts with anyone, least of all with the new manager; I appreciate him and brought him as the first reinforcement for the club a while ago and I gave him the opportunity at the age of 39. We know it is very difficult for a player at that age. I have good relationship with him. He was the captain of Central Córdoba on the ascent and has helped me both on and off the court, “he completed.