The reprehensible antisemitic post of Nicolas Pauls and his subsequent discharge

The actor and musician Nicolas Pauls, in the eye of the storm (Instagram: @nicolaspauls) The actor and musician Nicolas Pauls, in the eye of the storm (Instagram: @nicolaspauls)

On his Instagram account, the actor and musician Nicolas Pauls He shared a series of publications related to society, history and politics. Some went unnoticed. Others caused a stir and outrage, were censored and forced the actor to publish a release.

First of all, Nicolás took a phrase from Aldous huxley, included in his dystopian book A happy world, published in 1932: “A perfect dictatorship it would have the appearance of a democracy, but it would be basically a prison without walls from which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be a system of slavery, in which, thanks to consumption and entertainment, slaves would love their servitude ”.

Nicolás Pauls quoted Aldous Huxley and the National Constitution Nicolás Pauls quoted Aldous Huxley and the National Constitution

Then the actor from Diesel cited article 19 of the National Constitution, which determines freedom of expression: “Every individual has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes the right not to be disturbed because of their opinions, to investigate and receive information and opinions, and to disseminate them, without limitation of borders, by any means of expression ”.

Finally, on this Saturday, he shared a story with a repulsive anti-Semitic message. On this occasion, he chose a phrase from the French thinker Voltaire: “To find out who reigns over you, simply discover who you cannot criticize”, accompanied by an illustration that shows how a large, powerful hand with a gleaming ring, oppresses a group of defenseless people subjected to the power of its force. On the sleeve that covers the oppressive arm, you can see the Star of David, one of the most representative symbols of Judaism.

The repudiable anti-Semitic message of Nicolás Pauls The repudiable anti-Semitic message of Nicolás PaulsSports journalist Martín Souto endorsed Pauls' sayings Sports journalist Martín Souto endorsed Pauls’ sayings

Sports journalist Martin Souto, driver Step by Step Y Player 23 by TyC Sports, he replied the story on his Instagram account endorsing the message with the comment “That’s right friend”, but quickly deleted the post. However, journalist Dani Lerer made the captures, shared them on his Twitter account and led to a cataract of messages in repudiation.

The voices reached the ears of Pauls, who wrote a text by way of discharge: “After a series of censored posts in which I spoke against the system, I wanted to upload something talking about censorship and because I was in a hurry I did not make the obvious reading that unfortunately they have made some people. The message I wanted to convey came out terrible “, admitted the musician.

“As a relative of Jews who escaped the holocaust, nothing is further from my person than disrespecting anyone even less from racism. I am deeply sorry for my clumsiness and if anyone felt insulted or attacked by that message. The truth is that I am very anguished, I am very sorry from my heart “, Pauls closed.

Souto shared his friend’s story again, this time by way of dismay: “I subscribe to Nico’s words. Those who know us know that we would never hurt anyone’s feeling of pain, ”wrote the TyC Sports man.

The discharge of Nicolás Pauls The discharge of Nicolás Pauls

Last March, Pauls acknowledged that he had chosen not to vaccinate his children Olivia Y Lion, adding his voice to a trend of opinion against vaccination: “It is a topic that I prefer not to talk about. The business is so immense that I prefer to ignore the subject. But the first reading I do is that they install it as something that has to be done ”, pointed out the ex Diesel.

In September, the former Almost angels had gone through the cycle Great books and he referred to greed as the great disease of humanity: “The human being is closed in on himself and in selfishness. That has led to crazy things happening throughout history. It is the attitude of the human being towards the other. Today it can be called covid, bird flu ten years ago or something else twenty years ago and HIV thirty years ago, but definitely the great disease is greed, “he said.

Martín Souto, host of TyC Sports Martín Souto, host of TyC Sports

Some time ago, his brother Gastón had caused a stir by surprising with some flat-earth concepts. “I consider flat Earth and I give the example of Galileo Galilei, who always opposed what was installed, and I said: if it is the other way around? “, said the former Roller coaster in the documentary Pythagoras.

Then he explained that this doubt led him to study both opposing theories: the spherical and the flat earther. “I went to the Greeks,” he warned, “there were those who said that everything revolved around the Sun or the Earth and I find it super interesting beyond what the truth is. That we still don’t know. I did not see it: I did not leave the Earth to see that it is round. I also did not go out and found a wall of ice. And what I know is that this fed me the doubt. And it is welcome in my life, I need to doubt ”, added.


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