The renewed RAM 700 arrives, know all its details, prices and versions

As we move along the highway that connects the southern part of Mexico City with the Ajusco, on board the new Ram 700, we remember that it was at the beginning of 2015 when FCA introduced this model in our market, which took up a small pick up based on the FIAT Strada, which was sold as such until 2014, and which changed emblems to enhance the roots and tradition of Ram work vehicles.

From that generation, we had the opportunity to drive, at the beginning of this year, the Club Cab Adventure variant, the most equipped and with the most adventurous appearance of the entire range, thanks to the huge moldings bolted to the fenders, to the rest of the plastics that wrapped the lower part of the body and the roll bar located in the cargo area.

However, even though we were always satisfied with its ride quality, attractive appearance and good workmanship, there were elements that we had a hard time digesting in these modern times, such as the limited access to the second row of seats, through a additional door on the left side, as well as its interior design, which began to look out of this time, such as the stereo in the center console.

But far from that proposal, today the model has evolved in such a positive way, that only the name of that Ram 700 has remained, because in everything else, it is a completely new vehicle. Although the dimensions of its bodywork are kept practically the same, the manufacturer made the most of the 4.48 meters long, 1.73 wide and 1.58 meters to reformulate a proposal that today is presented more technological, efficient and safe, without sacrificing its capacities, both cargo (650 kilograms) and trailed (450 kilograms).

Aesthetically, the new Ram 700 lost a bit of that rough and adventurous look of its predecessor, all in favor of more refined and elegant lines, although the plastics that protect the lower contour of the body and the roll bar are still present in the area. loading. At the front, the elongated LED headlights stand out, accompanying the huge grille on the sides that frames the Ram emblem finished in chrome.

In the side views, the change comes mainly with the installation of the doors of the second row of seats, while in the rear we find, in addition to the folding canvas cover of the pan, new lines on the skulls, on the lid of the box, which also include the Ram emblem in chrome, as well as on the fascia.

The interior not only boasts a radical redesign, because now, that old radio has been replaced by an infotainment system equipped with a 7-inch color touch screen, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Plus, the space and access for second-row occupants is much better and you don’t travel as cloistered as in the past, and that’s perhaps the biggest change in this little pickup.

Hard plastics dominate the passenger compartment, but this should not translate into poor quality in terms of assemblies or final finishes, as given its orientation as a work and recreation vehicle, it is easier to clean and maintain this type of vehicle. surfaces, which are stronger and more durable.

Not only the passenger compartment gained space, as the cargo area also offers an increase in the volumetric capacity of the trough, going from 680 liters to 844 liters, so we have more space to carry more things with us.


For this new version, FCA opted for placing under the hood of this pickup a less powerful but much more efficient four-cylinder engine. Before you raise your eyebrows, let us explain.

The previous 1.6-liter L4 block, which produced 115 horsepower and 117 pound-feet of torque to the front axle, was replaced by a 1.3-liter three-cylinder engine, which delivers 98 horsepower and 94 pound-feet of power. torque. On paper, the loss of power is striking, however, they did not have the cleverness that the new Ram 700 is about 90 kilograms lighter than the previous one, so the performance, response and agility of the engine continues Being solvent as in the past, except for the great difference in combined fuel consumption, which goes from 14.32 km / l to 18.3 km / l, now everything makes sense, right?

During our test run, which included many uphill areas, overtaking maneuvers, curves of all flavors and colors, and a good stretch of dirt road, we averaged a combined fuel consumption, in real conditions, of 15.1 km / l.

The steering and suspension feel are solid and well-built. Not that the Ram 700 is a tough oak when tackling bumpy surfaces or dirt, rather it offers a configuration that knows how to handle every unevenness in the road, so that it knows how to contain them effectively, being comfortable for the occupants.

In this case, and given its cargo vehicle orientation, there was no better option than resorting to a five-speed manual transmission which, despite the long travel of the lever when inserting the gears, allows to get the best out of the small engine and rev it enough to maintain a constant speed, while the response of the brakes is quick to easily contain the 1,161 kilos of weight registered on the scale.

At the end of the day, the Ram 700 still has a versatile and very complete vehicle, yes, and that is its greatest attraction, but with all the modern technological and safety load that FCA could place in it, such as the four airbags and the traction and stability controls, among many other elements.

On the one hand we have a useful pick up for work and day to day with good capacities; on the other, a family vehicle with enough interior space for up to five passengers, and finally a transport, which given its compact dimensions, is very maneuverable to face the concrete jungle, which is available in our market in four versions and two options of bodywork (regular and dual), with prices ranging from $ 244,900 to $ 334,900 for the most equipped variant and illustrated on these pages.


Seats: Lined in fabric with inserts in leather touch and manual adjustment. Steering wheel: Leather covered, multifunction and adjustable. Entertainment: 7-inch color touchscreen system with AM / FM / USB / AUX radio, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity; audio system with six speakers, instrument panel with 3.5-inch screen. More equipment: Manual air conditioning, electric side mirror adjustment, 12 volt outlet, LARAMIE embroidered floor mats, cargo area with bedliner cover, 8 tie down hooks and retractable canvas cover; LED headlights, roof longitudinal bars, roll bar side tie bars, crankcase protection plate, exterior temperature sensor, 15-inch alloy wheels.


Type: L4 1.3 liters. Power hp / rpm: 98 / 6,000 Torque lb.-ft. / rpm: 94 / 4,000 Drive: Front. Transmission: 5-speed manual. Combined consumption: 18.3 km / l


Air bags: Front and side. Belts: Three-point adjustable and with pretensioners. Brakes: Front disc and rear drum with ABS. Other systems: Traction and stability control, reverse camera and sensors, electronic brake distribution, hill start assist, ISOFIX anchor for child seats, fire prevention mechanism, tire pressure monitoring.

The ideal driver

Name: Daniel Graff. Profession: Professional cyclist and mountaineer. Favorite food: Pizza. Favorite drink: Agua de horchata. Hobbies: Sports, I like to be outdoors. Facebook: Daniel Graff. Instagram: @danielgraff

Daniel’s taste for dedicating his life to sport, and specifically to cycling and mountaineering, came naturally, as he grew up in a house where sport was always very important: “my parents were marathoners and I grew up watching them and little by little I realized that what I liked the most was the bike, because of the speed and because of the places you can visit by bike ”, the athlete explained to us.

“My dream, more than an Olympians, is to compete in Europe, because it is the highest level in the world by far and I am aiming for that. In cycling it is especially complicated because in Mexico it is not a very popular sport yet, it is starting to grow but there is a lack of support from both brands and the government and more seriousness.

“The Ram 700 is very beautiful, you can see that it is very versatile, especially for people who like to be out and about like me, and you can also put all your things and take them with you and put the truck wherever you want, it is amazing. ”