Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio: The relationship between these 2 celebrities | INSTAGRAM

They could become the perfect match, as they are the most coveted bachelors in the show business for not bonding in any lasting dating.

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Recalling times around 2015, where rumors began that Riri and Leo were dating, however, it was an open relationship, which was later confirmed by the US media.

It all started when the R&B singer offered a spectacular party to celebrate her 27th birthday, in a luxurious mansion located in Beverly Hills, which Leonardo himself helped to organize.

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It was here that the speculations began, as it was commented that those who attended could notice that Rihanna did not take her eyes off DiCaprio and supposedly, the media invited to the celebration leaked a photograph where they are both appreciated, enjoying the moment.

And although everything seemed to indicate that it was Rihanna who was falling in love with DiCaprio, he was also enthusiastic about whatever their relationship was, since they both like to keep their independence.

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But this is not all, because, after all this fuss, there were those who came out to say that this celebrity couple had been sneaking around for years, even when Rihanna was dating Chris Brown and later with Drake.

Likewise, Rihannay Leonardio DiCaprio were seen at another party together, held at the Playboy Mansion, and although they shared with other celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Tom Hardy, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell and Tobey Maguire, sources indicated that the couple She was seen kissing, on more than one occasion.

On the other hand, sources very close to both issued that Leonardo and Rihanna spent a lot of time together and she simply loves him. « They usually meet at midnight and are together until the wee hours. Their relationship is like a drug, » he said.

The source added, although the couple’s relationship has been private, her close friends and family are aware that they are both seeing each other, it was even commented that Riri had considered taking Leo home with his parents, in Barbados, which When it comes to Rihanna, he only wants to say one thing: He really likes her.

However, this topic was never heard from again and things were left as they were, it was only a speculation because neither Rihanna nor Leonardo ever came out to admit that they were in a love relationship.