The registration tax returns to the 2020 tranches until December 31

The PSOE loses its bet



Updated on Wednesday, 23 June 2021 – 19:07

The transactional amendment agreed in the Senate modifies the text approved by Congress and the PSOE, rather than being left alone, accepts a moratorium.

Tax Collection triples compared to 2020 Policy Congress cuts registration tax

Reluctantly, the PSOE has had to backtrack in the Senate and accept that the registration tax amount to pay for new vehicles returns to 2020 levels at least until the end of this year.

Since January 1, the rise in this rate (linked to the entry into force of a stricter formula for measuring CO2 emissions) caused the average tax on vehicles to rise from 380 euros to 813 euros, according to the deputy. from PdeCat, Ferrn Bel.

The Catalan politician Last month he got the groups that support the Government to reject the new tax system, when obtaining the general approval of an amendment within the Law against fraud and tax avoidance that was being processed. Once sent to the Senate, the PSOE returned to the burden to keep the tax as it is since this year, but it was left alone once more.

The ruling party obtained in the Senate a minor consolation. Accept the return to the past, but limiting it in time, until the December 31, 2021. Its main supporters agreed to approve this transactional amendment in the Senate, although Bel has already warned that if the current conditions do not change by the end of the year or return to the load to freeze the tax again with a new proposal in Congress.

The socialist spokeswoman Mara del Pilar Delgado thanked the last transaction, but justified the position of her group. “As we all know, This tax does not obey economic criteria, but environmental criteria. Knowing about the difficulties that the automotive sector is going through, we do not give up on the sustainable development goals“, he said before adding that” we must move towards green taxation, sustainable mobility, socially and economically. “

Many vehicles exempt from Registration Tax as of December 31 began to pay 4.5% on January 1 due to the change in the emission detection system approved in the European Union, the WLTP, which increases the level of CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the previous system, NEDC.

If in the previous system a car homologated 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer (and it was free of the tax), with the new detection it could give more than 144 grams and be liable to tax. Consequently, the price of the vehicle for the buyer was raised. Now they will get rid of the tribute again until December, and the successive installments alleviate the percentage to be paid: Between 144 and 192 grams, 4.75%; between 192 and 240 grams, 9.75%; and those that emit more than 240 grams, 14.75%.

There is no going back for those who have paid that excess for cars bought in the first six months of the year.

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