A few weeks ago we already told you in the SPORT newspaper the strict protocol established by the Technical Committee of Referees in the sanitary aspect derived from COVID 19. Both in medical tests to the referees, assistants, VAR and AVAR referees of professional football and the sanitary measures that are taking place in the VOR room of the Ciudad del Fútbol de las Rozas.

05/27/2020 at 13:54


Once all the members have joined their practically normal training routines, only it remains to be seen when the corresponding tests will pass or coronavirus test.

As we already counted last May 21, the arbitration establishment intends to carry out a sports medical examination similar to the one carried out at the beginning of each season that also includes a blood and urine check. Within which is included the PCR and serololiga test that all of them should initially pass throughout the next week. Between seven and ten days before the start of the league competition scheduled, if there is no last minute change, for June 11 with the Seville derby.

Tests and tests that will have to be carried out in each of the locations where the referees live and First Division assistants. In no way have they thought of reuniting and concentrating them in Madrid since it would mean exposing all of them to possible contagion with very serious consequences for the entire estate.

In addition there will be another test to each referee around 24 hours before the match is played. As stated by the president of the arbitration establishment, Velasco Carballo, a few weeks ago, “no referee will leave his home to whistle a game without having passed a test in the hours prior to the match, around 24 hours.” This means around 175 tests prior to each day, taking into account that this is the number of people who move between referee, assistant, fourth referee, VAR and AVAR on each date of competition in professional football.

As the SPORT newspaper has learned, it will be the same laboratory hired by LaLiga to test professional teams, who are in charge of carrying out these checks on the First and Second Division members. An economic cost that is included in the Professional Arbitration Agreement signed by Javier Tebas and Luis Rubiales in the summer of 2018.

The arbitration appointments of day 28 could be modified

Yesterday we told you in the SPORT newspaper that the demographic proximity was going to be a very important factor in the arbitration appointments in this season finale. With this, the Professional Soccer Designation Committee seeks to facilitate the movement of the referees and that this can be by road so that the risk of contagion is minimal with the environment. Also, to the extent possible, an attempt will be made to return to their homes as soon as the meeting is over avoiding staying overnight in any hotel.

This affects in some way the 28th day of the league, the first postponed by the coronavirus, and which will be the one that starts the competition again. Day where the members were already designated. Initially, the intention is that these designations be maintained, although it is not ruled out that they be modified. Without going any further the Valencian Mateu Lahoz was the designated for the Seville derby Betis – Seville. It is not exactly an easy trip that you would have to do from Valencia to Seville by car and then have to return.

Also remember that the Madrid international Del Cerro Grande was designated for Mallorca- Futbol Club Barcelona and curiously the Balearic Cuadra Fernández for Real Madrid – Eibar that was going to be played at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Another designation with a complicated displacement affects the Catalan Medié Jiménez who was chosen for Granada – Getafe.