“The referee told us to fuck off”


On at 23:43 CEST

After being eliminated in the semifinals of the Champions League after being defeated 2-0 and an aggregate result of 4-1 against Manchester City, Ander Herrera spoke after the match and explained what the match referee told him to Leandro Paredes: “The referee has told him to screw Paredes. If I say this, 3 or 4 games fall for me“.

Later, Marco Verratti also stated that the referee had said the same words that the Spanish midfielder had already pointed out: “The referee also told me to fuck myself“, emphasizing, like his teammate, that if he told him, he would be suspended for at least 10 games.

In turn, Herrera has also made a quick assessment of the game: “We were the best team for 70 minutes. We try everything. We attack, we try to attack … We leave here with our heads held high. “