A true financial engineering exercise guided by awareness with the most humble players. This is what the organizers of the Cincinnati tournament, whose prize money has been published generating a wave of reactions, the vast majority very positive. It was taken for granted that in the current circumstances and having to compete without a public in the stands and with a heavy investment in health security, the amount of money to be distributed would suffer. So it has been, happening from $ 6 million in 2019 to $ 4.2 million in 2020, but they will be the ones who reach advanced rounds the only ones to notice it.

And is that, aware of the economic hardships that the middle and lower class of the ATP circuit, the organizers of the event have had the vision to not only maintain, but even increase the cash prizes of the previous phase and the first two rounds of the final draw. The same occurs in the doubles modality, where those who fall in the first two rounds will earn more money than in the same tournament last year, while in the quarterfinals the figure will be practically identical (only $ 280 less).

With these data and knowing that the general budget allocated to prizes has been reduced by 1.8 million dollars, you can imagine the sharp drops in money to be distributed that can be seen from the quarterfinals in the singles tournament, and in that of doubles from the semifinals. He winner of the Cincinnati tournament It will pocket a quarter of what the winner of the last edition did, that is, Daniil Medvedev. From $ 1,114,225 in 2019 to $ 285,000 in 2020. To put it in context, it would be pretty much the same as the ATP 500 Dubai 2020 finalist was slated to win.

It is evident that both the ATP, the WTA As the organization of the event, they are aware of the prevailing need on the part of the most modest to deposit money, while they consider that the best can sustain themselves longer with a lower income level that does not impact their careers as much. Perhaps many are surprised by the total reduction, but it seems absolutely inevitable given the circumstances. There is no other option but to adapt to them and take advantage of the opportunities that the effort of the USTA can offer professional tennis players.