The Red Star surprises Milan in 93 ‘

What a disappointment for him Milan. Although the result is not bad (2-2), the Red Star came out as the moral winner in a duel where the Italians came out confident and ended up paying the discount, with a bit of Pavkov which meant the tie.

Because football, little. The game was flat, like the rhythm. The same because those of Pioli felt so favorites that they did not align to Ibrahimovic, perhaps thinking more about the derby against Inter Milan this weekend, a key game for Serie A.

Nor is it that he needed much more. Castillejo showed the deficiencies of the Red Star in a goal that was canceled, but the Milan he was in no rush to exploit them. In fact, it was not until almost half the time that the Italians took the lead and it was after an own goal from Pankov (42 ‘). Minutes earlier, worrying news as Bennacer was injured off the pitch.

Not going for the game cost them in a mistake Romagnoli touched the ball with his hand in the area. Penalty that transformed Kanga (52 ‘). But if there is someone who does not give up in this Milan it is Theo Hernández and in an offensive foray he also received a foul in the area. Own The O he was the one who scored the penalty (62 ‘), putting Milan ahead of the return leg.

Those from Pioli did not want to go for the game, to close the tie, and the Red Star taught them a lesson. With one less due to the expulsion of Rodic, he did not lose faith and in 93 ‘he found himself with a Pavkov to corner kick. This is very much alive.