The record that Panda Sandoval shares with Fernando Tatis Jr.

The Venezuelan of the Atlanta Braves, Pablo Sandoval, with his second pinch homer in the 2021 season of Big leagues (MLB), it was revealed that he shares a record with the San Diego Padres Dominican, Fernando Tatis Jr.

According to a data from Danny Vietti, since Pablo Sandoval was released in 2017 by the Boston Red Sox, only three players in the Big leagues have have more than 25 home runs and more than 150 hits in less than 600 at-bats, being Fernando Tatis Jr., Mike Yastrzemski and the same Venezuelan who is nicknamed “El Panda”.

Here is the report:

Pablo Sandoval was released by the Red Sox on July 19, 2017 and since then, himself and Fernando Tatis Jr. boast those offensive numbers in the MLB, a rather curious record shared by the Venezuelan and the young sensation from the Dominican Republic.

Despite criticism and others, Sandoval shows with numbers that in the last time he has been one of the best hitters in the MLB And if you don’t believe us, ask the Detroit Tigers, who suffered it with three home runs in a World Series of which he was MVP.

On the other hand, Tatis Jr. continues to make it clear that it is for great things in Big leagues, since with only three seasons in the league, he can share a record with a veteran champion and All-Star like “El Panda” Sandoval.

Since that 2017 when he was released, to the present, Pablo Sandoval he has a total of 186 hits, 31 home runs and 111 RBIs. While, Fernando Tatis Jr. for life in the MLB He has 171 undeniable, 50 homers, 99 RBIs and an average so far of .297.