The recall referendum against the Democratic governor of California fails

The governor of California, the democrat Gavin newsom, has survived the recall referendum called against him, according to preliminary results. He maintained his position with a wide margin of 66.8% of the votes.

Although the face-to-face vote count is expected to reduce that margin, the media considers it wide enough to declare Newsom the winner.

It is more than half of the votes so he cannot be removed and replaced by any of the 46 candidates who ran.

Newsom highlighted to the media: “We are enjoying the overwhelming vote of” No “tonight here in the state of California.” But the “no” is not the only thing that has been said tonight. I want to focus on what we have said yes about. We have said yes to science, to vaccines. We have said yes to ending this pandemic, to the right of the people to vote without fear of false fraud and vote suppression. We have said yes to the fundamental constitutional right of women to decide for themselves what they do with their body, their destiny and their future. We have said yes to diversity and inclusion. “

Newsom’s drastic measures on the pandemic coupled with the scandal over photos of him flouting his restrictions shook the Democratic foundations in California.

The Republicans hoped to raise as the winner the leader of the list of opposition candidates, the radio commentator Larry Elder.

The recall campaign against Newsom achieved most of its signatures between late 2020 and early 2021, when the governor imposed drastic measures to curb a wave of the pandemic that made California the state with the most deaths in the country, with more than 67,000 .

The possibility that losing California could benefit Republicans in the Senate caused the entire Democratic apparatus to mobilize, including Joe Biden.

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused Democrats of rigging the elections even before the polls closed.

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