Washington, United States.

At least ten states of USA have registered a upturn significant in its number of cases or hospitalizations for COVID-19 In the last week, a phenomenon that intensified doubts on Tuesday about the rate of reopening in the country, while the number of deaths was close to 100,000.

Announcements by various US media about the upward trend in infections in some states they arrived just after finishing a long weekend in USA for the holiday of Memorial day, in which the photos of crowds were repeated on the beaches, piers and pools in much of the country.


The number of new coronavirus infections registered a notable boom in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, Nevada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Maine; while in Georgia there was a relative increase in hospitalizations compared to the last weeks, as Efe found.

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The rebound comes almost a month after most of those states began taking steps to reopen their economy and relax measures of social distance.

Until now, experts have repeated that it was still too early to assess whether this de-escalation could have resulted in new spikes in infections in USA, but some believe that the newly recorded upsurges in those ten states may be related to the reopening measures.

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“We are seeing an upward trend in hospitalizations. It is not a huge boom, but it is a boom that is unmistakable, and is probably as a result of the reopening,” the former director of the US Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday. (FDA, in English), Scott Gottlieb, to CNBC.

Some states argue that the increase in the number of confirmed cases is due to the significant increase in the number of tests being done, and not a multiplication of infections regarding the previous situation.

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However, many experts complain that there is no real way to test whether this is true, because states such as Georgia, Texas or Virginia calculate their official figures by adding the data obtained through diagnostic tests and antibody tests, which can yield unreliable results.


In Arkansas, a state that never even ordered its residents to stay home but did restrict economic activity until recently, the governor, Republican Asa Hutchinson, acknowledged this weekend that he is registering “right now a second peak “of infections.

Hutchinson attributed the boom to a recent “high school student pool party,” and called on the state’s residents to be more “disciplined” despite the arrival of fine weather.

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In Virginia, cases of coronavirus this Tuesday they set a new record for the second consecutive day, with 1,615 new infections after the 1,483 confirmed on Monday, data that led the governor, Democrat Ralph Northam, to decree the mandatory use of masks in covered public places.

Nevada and Maine also experienced record numbers of new daily cases in the past week, while those that until recently were the epicenter of the pandemic, New York and New Jersey, continued their downward trend.


The data came after a long weekend filled with photographs that haunted health experts, notably the image of some 2,500 people in the stands of a car racing track in North Carolina and that of a crowded pool. at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

“It was an international example of bad judgment,” regretted the executive director of the county of San Luis (Missouri), Sam Page, who begged those who had participated in that party to undergo a preventive quarantine for 14 days.

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Those images did not worry White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany, who insisted that US President Donald Trump “wants society to reopen,” following recommendations on social distance but resuming massive activities such as mass.


While, Trump gave Democratic leaders in North Carolina a week to guarantee that they will be able to hold the Republican National Convention there to renew their candidacy for the White House for the November election, a date to which 50,000 are invited people in August.

The president has threatened to move the convention to another state if he is not allowed to hold it unchanged despite pandemic-related concerns, and Republican leaders in Texas, Georgia and Florida have already offered to host the event.

Trump also downplayed the fact that the number of deaths from COVID-19 It is about to reach 100,000, a figure that just three weeks ago was the maximum death threshold that the president cited throughout the pandemic this year, while infections are over 1.6 million.

“A person lost to this invisible virus is too much … but I acted very quickly and made the right decisions,” Trump stressed on Twitter.