The reboot of ‘Charmed’ loses one of its protagonists

The reboot of ‘Charmed’ already has something else in common with the original series: the departure of one of its protagonists. As reported by TVLine, Madeleine Mantock has decided to leave the series and will no longer appear in the fourth season. Mantock played Macy Vaughn, the oldest of the new witch sisters.

It is unknown what the end of Macy will be in the series, which closes its third season on July 23. The description of the last chapter indicates that the character will be “on the verge of death” and her sisters must seek a White Light to save her. The series has already confirmed the fourth season and Melonie Díaz and Sarah Jeffery will continue to lead the cast as Mel and Maggie Vera.

Mantock seems to have finished well with The CW and the showrunners, who have released the following statement leaving open the possibility of their return: “We cannot thank Madeleine enough for her incredible and inspiring work on ‘Charmed’. We will miss her very much. and his fans too, but we also respect his decision to turn the page. It is a difficult time in the world, and everyone has to follow his heart. We wish him well and the door will always be open for a visit from Macy … one way or another!“The actress, for her part, has said the following:” Playing Macy in ‘Charmed’ for the last three seasons has been an immense privilege and I have really enjoyed working with our fantastic producers, creatives, cast and crew. I am incredibly grateful to the CW and CBS Studios for my time on the series and for being such a brilliant support in my difficult decision to leave. Huge thanks to our fans who can look forward to a spectacular fourth season, which I know will be. “

How will you say goodbye?

In the original ‘Charmed’ Shannen Doherty also dropped out at the end of the third season., although not exactly in the best terms. The series made up for its departure by “finding” a fourth Halliwell sister, Paige, played by Rose McGowan. Will the reboot follow the same path?

The reboot of ‘Charmed’ can be seen in HBO Spain.

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