The new TVR Griffith plans to arrive in 2022, with a 500 horsepower V8

In the future the brand will adopt hybrid mechanics and enter into competition

The small but mythical British company recently announced that a capital injection will arrive soon that will allow it, at last, to start moving chips in the production of the new Griffith, now presented three years ago. However, it has also revealed other plans, such as the entry into competition and the adoption of electrified mechanics in other models.

When the TVR company unveiled the new Griffith Three years ago, the most motor fanatics were in luck. It returned a mythical brand that was characterized by sports that did not leave anyone indifferent and did so with the credentials that give a 500 horsepower Ford V8 engine, a sculpted bodywork and the knowledge that behind the project was nothing less than Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1. This led to 500 interested parties leaving deposits of between 2,700 and 5,500 euros, shortly after their presentation, to reserve the first units.

Unfortunately, there are not a few liquidity problems with which the brand has found in recent years to be able to put the model into production, about 50 million euros according to its managers. Now, the firm expects a monetary injection of something more than 27 million euros that will allow you to get closer to your plans.

In this framework of hope, its managers have wanted to talk about TVR’s objectives as a brand. The plan is to have a full production of 2,000 units a year, although for this, they must first accommodate the factory with the optimal tools and carry out construction, emissions tests and, ultimately, approval of production models.

However, they hope to launch the first units in 2022, at prices ” not higher than 110,000 eurosaccording to its creators. Furthermore, the brand plans to offer variants of the model, some more luxurious and with more concessions to comfort and others lighter, in the style of RS from Porsche.

Along with this, they have also shown their predisposition to adapt hybrid mechanics from Ford to future models, not necessarily the Griffith. Finally, some of the biggest pages that have been written about TVR refer to competition, and in this regard, the team did not want to leave it out. Intentions go through creating a single brand cup just like Ginetta does, both to generate income and to develop cars. In addition, they will never close the door to compete internationally, as in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

When the factory is fully operational in 2022, its managers affirm that they will give direct work to more than 200 people, which should be a social incentive for the Welsh community of Ebbw Vale, where it will be located.

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