The rebirth of the gourds and a venial sin

The most Asturian Sporting in recent times is an easy team to love. Even more so because of the claw with which he clings to the matches. They are not a dominant team, their talent is not enough, but no one can say that it was easy to defeat Sporting. A starting point on which to build a solid building. As sportinguismo does not seem to be allowed to get excited, the Tebas League appears to indicate the loss of economic rank and confirm the words of Javier Fernández about the urgency of balancing the salary cap. It will not be easy. Hope goes through finding ways to avoid a painful transfer. That of a salary reduction would be the dream of the fans.

Against Rayo Vallecano, Sporting took a new step forward in their competitive level. Those of David Gallego signed an estimable first half in which they snatched possession from the Vallecanos, although without too many occasions, and an outstanding start to the second half. When seeing themselves in inferiority, the team tightened the ranks and even found a goal in a meritorious action by Djuka, Javi Fuego and Aitor. The Huelva man showed his best face of the season in this second half. When he forgot to look for his goal and took advantage of his qualities, which he has, to act as a winger and assist his teammates. Leave a dribble for the gourmets video libraries and several races with an obvious edge.

David Gallego solved the challenge of replacing Manu García with a kind of square of midfielders, almost in the style of Zidane. The two pivots to sweep and Pedro and Nacho to invent. Special mention for the Luanquin, so excited to take advantage of his opportunity that he left in tears when his body said enough. Pride and commitment. Also interesting is Pedro’s step forward. This boy plays everything and plays well, even if Iraola was warned. Javi Fuego also returned to the team with an estimable game and a generous job. And then Carmona, who is neither here nor expected.

In addition, Sporting has a brave coach, who designed a high pressure against one of the teams most sobones of the ball. You have to recognize the coach for his strong personality to go against the current and ignore the clamor in favor of Pablo García. It was so daring, we said, that it left the team on the edge of the undue alignment by an excess of young people on the pitch. A sin that would be venial in Gijón, where gourds are always well received.