Jan Ullrich is being reborn from his ashes. The winner of the 1997 Tour de France had given unequivocal warning signs two summers ago in Mallorca when he was arrested starring in various unpleasant episodes with alcohol, drugs, prostitution and violence. The cyclist was mired in a serious personal crisis after the separation of his wife and three children.

Lance Armstrong’s great rival for many years in the Tour de France hit rock bottom and he was admitted to a detoxification clinic. The Teuton was even visiting by the North American to know his evolutions and Almost two years after those events, it has been known that Ullrich has emerged from the tunnel.

It was his brother Thomas who assured him in an interview with Bunte magazine. “I have the impression that he is recovering and thinking about what he wants to do with the second half of his life. It is blooming again. It is nice, “said the cyclist, even though he is a lower level than Jan.

Ullrich’s brother, not in vain, has no doubt that his brother has come out of the rut. “It’s very good. She is happy again as she spends time with her children and talks to me on the phone three or four times a week. We have a very good contact. Plus he’s riding a bike again, training in a small group“He said of the 46-year-old cyclist.