The reasons for the economic ruin of Jesús Quintero

Jesús Quintero, journalist for ‘The crazy man on the hill’. (Photo: YouTube)

Jesús Quintero is about to turn 81 years old. The interviewer of the long silences —which was not a pose, since he spends “many hours silent— this time has adopted the opposite role, and has allowed Joana Bonet, the mother of one of his daughters, to interview him for the number of August Vanity Fair.

Four years ago, Jesús Quintero returned to his hometown, San Juan del Puerto (Huelva), where he remarried. That madman on the hill lives far from the madding crowd, that is why “he has not denied so much decadence.” For this reason and because he is not “vindictive”, he affirms: “So many things have been said about me? I like the mystery ”.

The presenter acknowledges that he chained several depressions, to the point of noticing his influence at work. “I had to take lithium to interview Alfonso Guerra at the Moncloa, he was on the ground, with a great depression, and he did not want to cancel the interview. He didn’t know. You have to be a great simulator, the parliamentarians are, ”he says.

Despite having tamed a fortune, economic ruin has always haunted him, mainly because money “has burned his hands.” Although “losing money has not been a tragedy”: “I am paying the debts, the banks have always behaved well.” The journalist invested 400 million pesetas in various businesses that ended up in the hands of others, that was his big mistake, he acknowledges.

On another occasion, he had to “eat” 50 million pesetas with which he had recorded an interview with the journalist José María García for La noche de Quintero. It was in 2007, TVE “censored it and the contract with the chain was broken.” “I asked García if someone had paid to get him out of the way and he said yes. The magazine indicates that TVE justified the censorship because García charged against Florentino. Finally the interview was rescued on El Mundo TV.

About the eavesdropping on the Ausbanc case, he explains: “He rented us the theater to put on a show. I was talking to him to claim a payment. He was a scoundrel, he asked me to give a conference in Madrid where everyone smoked cigars. They went for me. ” In 2017, a conversation was found between Quintero and the director of the entity, Luis Pineda, in which they spoke of embargoes and ruin.

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Now retired, calm and well into the eighties, the journalist admits that he is not afraid of death. “I think death is well thought out, because if we lived sine díe, we would leave everything for the next century. The passage of time places us ”, he reflects.

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