The reason why TVE will not broadcast ‘Servir y Protecte’ and ‘Acacias 38’ on January 20

The afternoons of La 1 also had to adapt to the coronavirus, juggling with the episodes already recorded to occupy the grid during the time of confinement lived in 2020. Since a certain normalcy was recovered and the filming began again, the order of the daily fictions of the public has remained unchanged. ‘Central market’, ‘Serve and protect’ and, finally, ‘Acacias 38’. But on January 20, a political event will alter that routine coexistence.

Valeria (Roser Tapias) and David (Aleix Rengel) in ‘Acacias 38’

The usual broadcast times for ‘Servir y Protecte’ and ‘Acacias 38’, which start at 5:25 PM and 6:15 PM, respectively, will coincide next Wednesday with what is possibly the most relevant event of the week: the inauguration of Joe Biden. After winning the elections held in November, and having left behind the recent assault on the Capitol, the Democratic candidate will finally assume his role as the new president of the United States.

Given the magnitude of this event, the public entity will dedicate part of its evening programming to show live the rise to power of Biden with an informative special, entitled ‘From Trump to Biden’. This extraordinary coverage will run from 5:25 p.m. to 7:10 p.m., occupying exactly the usual space of ‘Servir y Protecte’ and ‘Acacias 38’, while ‘Mercado Central’ will be previously broadcast without problems, as will ‘The Hunter’ just after.

Momentary disappearance

So that the habitual followers of the two fictions do not panic in the face of this absence, the RTVE Twitter account wanted to underline that the usual programming will be recovered on Thursday: « But don’t worry … On Thursday you will be able to meet again with your favorite series!  » However, after this brief change there will be a much more significant one, since shortly ‘Central Market’ will come to an end and on January 25 it will give way to ‘Two lives’, a new daily proposal that has been produced by Bambú.