Since ‘The Walking Dead’ was released in October 2010, there has been a great unknown among followers, How did Rick Gimes survive in that hospital room in full zombie outbreak? Over the course of a decade, the universe of Robert Kirkman’s comics has expanded with the spin-offs ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’, various future films and different web series that have been completing the history. Precisely through one of these small pieces for the internet we have known the explanation to the mystery.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in ‘The Walking Dead’

It all started in the first episode when Andrew Lincoln’s character woke up from a coma in a virtually abandoned hospital. When he got up, he found a room with the message « Do not open, dead inside. » Without doctors or food and in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, Rick managed to survive for a month, approximately. A miracle, a script gap or a mystery that would be solved. These were the only hypotheses in the face of such an unknown.

Thanks to the web series ‘The Walking Dead: The Oath’ we have been able to obtain an answer to this great mystery. The fiction, which tells little stories set in the same universe, shows what happened in the hospital while the sheriff was in a coma. In this chapter, Paul (Wyatt Russell) and Karina (Ashley Bell) seek refuge in this medical center meet Dr. Gale Macones (Ellen Greene).

The answer

This episode shows us that Rick was not completely alone during his coma, since the doctor was still locked in the hospital and, surely, took care of the character for several weeks. Also, this installment reveals that Paul was the one who painted the warning message that the sheriff sees upon waking up from the coma.