The reason there are fewer, more no-hitters and fewer home runs

The MLB again modified the balls before the start of the 2021 season on the basis of which batters had the upper hand.

At the end of April, the MLB recorded the worst offensive line since 1985 in the majors, making it clear that the balls are in favor of the pitchers as usual from 2017 backwards.

In April 2021, there was an overall batting average of 232, below the all-time low of 237.

Since the MLB He modified the balls in 2018 so some teams like the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees and the Angeles Dodgers broke home run records in one season.

However, it’s not yet two months into the 2021 MLB season when we’ve seen four no-hitters and fewer connected home runs.

Is that why you want to move the mound away?

For weeks a theme has been developing to move the mound away from home plate two more feet, with the goal of having fewer strikeouts.

Mike Trout is the only MLB player with a .400 / .500 / .800 offensive line “the millville meteor” leads the major leagues in Avg. (. 429), OBP (.527) and SLG (.805) , sign towards your 4th MVP.

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