The reason for the boom in prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses have gone from being an option that very few people took into account, to experiencing a boom in their construction in recent years that has been accentuated since the covid began.

There are many reasons that explain the increase in sales, which we will see below, and they have to do with its advantages over traditional construction.

Very short delivery times

How long does it take to deliver the keys to a “built-in” house? The term can be one year being optimistic, because to the construction we must add all the interior finishes that usually take longer than to do the entire exterior of the house.

In fact, The Concrete Home prefab homes They have very short delivery times, something that differentiates them from the constructions that we all know and those of other construction companies that are dedicated to making this type of housing.

The terms are much shorter if we choose a good company, and once built we can be living in it in about six months.

Lower prices

One of the reasons for the boom in these houses, and perhaps the first reason for choosing them, is their price. They are not a bargain, as many people believe, but the final price is much lower than that of other constructions.

You can get prices ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 euros for every one hundred square meters, although there is a small trap here and that is that you have to add the price of the land.

Leaving aside the cost of the plot, the wide range in prices is due to the fact that we can choose several qualities and even exceed 100,000 euros if we choose luxury finishes.

They are more sustainable

The environment is increasingly present in our decisions and a prefabricated house is more sustainable than a construction one.

We can enter the most complete directory of renovation companies, and consult it with the professionals who are dedicated to working in this type of housing. They will answer us that the construction process of these prefabricated houses is done in a controlled environment, in a warehouse, so waste management is better and easier. On many occasions, recycled materials are used and less energy is used, resulting in a home that has hardly been contaminated during construction and assembly.

They can be modular

Another cause that we see more and more prefabricated houses, and that is not usually mentioned, is that we can choose a modular home if we have plenty of land.

This means that we will be able to add these modules as we need them. Thus, at this time many owners have commissioned modules to create their offices for teleworking, and the same can be done if a child comes home or if an older relative has to come to live with us.

In a very short time, and with hardly any inconvenience, the house can grow according to the needs of its inhabitants, something that is impossible in a semi-detached house or in a flat.

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