The real story and improvement behind ‘DOC’, the new Telecinco series

Luca Argentero in ‘DOC’. (Photo: AXN)

DOC, the new series with which Telecinco hopes to stop the advance of the Turks on Antena 3, was not born from the imagination of any scriptwriter. It is the adaptation of the book Minus Twelve (Meno dodici), written by the Italian doctor Pierdante Piccioni, popularly known as ‘doctor amnesia’.

The doctor from Lodi, a town near Milan, suffered a traffic accident on May 13, 2013. An accident that also took twelve years of his life: when he woke up after a coma of several hours, he believed he was living in the year 2001. He suffered from total amnesia as a result of a lesion in the cerebral cortex.

Piccioni felt that everyone around him “had aged suddenly” and he did not even recognize himself in the mirror. Even her children, whom she remembered as boys of 8 and 11, were two bearded men at the foot of the bed who asked her about her health. He also missed the visit of his parents, who had passed away without him remembering it.

The doctor was puzzled, as he explained in La Repubblica. The world had changed, the lyre no longer existed: “My children made them see the movies that I liked, the photos of the trips we had made, taste wines that they appreciated.”

“It was like traveling in a time machine. I had mobility problems in my right arm and right leg, I suffered from aphasia [trastorno del lenguaje que se caracteriza por la incapacidad o la dificultad de comunicarse], but the biggest problem had to do with memory, “said the doctor on ABC.

He woke up with the technological advances of more than a decade, with the existence of social networks, YouTube and smartphones, and with all the advances in medicine with which he had not been able to practice.

The physician Pierdante Piccioni.  (Photo: Getty Images)The physician Pierdante Piccioni.  (Photo: Getty Images)

The doctor Pierdante Piccioni. (Photo: .)

Piccioni was no longer the prestigious doctor of 2001, so his bosses asked him to retire early with a disability, although he took courage and decided to start his career from scratch.

He started as an assistant to a group of residents. That was not enough: he had to study again and take the exams he had already passed at the end of his residency. Finally, his perseverance led him to once again occupy the position of head of the emergency room at the hospital. As he explains in his book, he took advantage of the disease to change his life.

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“There are only 16 cases like yours in the whole world, of total amnesia referred to a specific period of time, and twelve years are many,” revealed the protagonist of the series, Luca Argentero (Come, pray, love).

“The problem was not the memory, it was the emotions that I lost. No one can give them back to me. Neither that nor the people I lost at that time, for example, my mother. No one can imagine what it was like for me to go to the cemetery to see my mother’s photograph on a tombstone. In my head, she was alive ”, he was honest on ABC.

DOC became a phenomenon on the Italian network RAI, where it was broadcast during lockdown. The production is made up of 16 chapters gathered in one season, although a second one that will have eight episodes is already being recorded.

The series, which premiered on Telecinco last Monday at 11 p.m., did not beat Inocentes (Antena 3), but it was not far from its competitor either: while the Turkish kept 1,240,000 viewers in front of the screen (12, 3% share), DOC gathered 1,172,000 (11.3%).

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