Who would say that « The Justice League » would end up becoming, once again, a historical film on May 20. That day, Zack Snyder confirmed that HBO Max will premiere during 2021 his version of a film that premiered on November 13, 2017, which began talking about a decade earlier and was confirmed during 2014. “The Justice League Since then, he had already made a place for himself in the history books.

Even before the arrival, expansion and consolidation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, among fans of comics and especially superheroes, a great desire was to see their most famous characters together. And it must be said, not so long ago, those characters were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Green Lantern.

That has changed and nowadays characters like Iron-Man and Captain America have acquired as much or more relevance. Still, the expectation was high. For fans, it meant seeing that wish come true, seeing the fiction « come alive. » For Warner Bros. the start, in its style, of a franchise or a cinematic universe. However, the results were different.

The Justice League cost $ 300 million and raised 650. A quick glance would indicate that it doubled its cost. I’d lie. Marketing costs are never included in the budget and although they are not revealed by the studies, it is easy to imagine that they were at least $ 200 million.

In other words, if the studio did well, it barely recovered its investment. To put a comparison, “Avengers,” the first film that brought together Marvel’s heroes, cost $ 220 million and grossed $ 1.5 billion. At the time, Marvel’s strategy was to first introduce superheroes and then unite them into a team ribbon. Warner Bros. sought to do the opposite, after “Batman vs. Superman ”, which was not the expected great success (873 million dollars out of an approximate budget of 275), presented the team and then gave each character their own movie and expanded their universe from there.

The plans changed. They only continued, with solo films, « Aquaman », which was already in production, and « Wonder Woman », which premiered months before and whose sequel is only waiting to be released this year.

The existence of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is an anomaly for the film industry. On the one hand, it indirectly implies the recognition that the released version, which Joss Whedon concluded, after Zack Snyder, director of “Batman vs. Superman ”and“ The Man of Steel ”, had to leave the chair for personal reasons (the suicide of his daughter).

On the other, the acceptance that there is enough material that was not used and that tells « another story » different from the one that was seen and, even more, a victory by the fans who were insisting for almost three years to see the original version, the one they expected and that they had initially been told about.

The known details of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” are still few. There is no specific release date. It will have an additional cost of between 20 and 30 million dollars that will allow completing special effects, soundtrack and the new edition. The new duration will be approximately four hours, which could result in a very long film or a miniseries with a maximum of six chapters.

Rumors have also been heard that new footage will be recorded in a certain capacity, for example, to solve the phantom mustache of Henry Cavill, who could not be shaved since he was half-filming « Mission Impossible: Impact », causing him to have to be disappeared in post production. It is important to say that it will be released on HBO Max and, at least so far, not in theaters, which also partially explains its existence, it is a strategy to promote said platform.

Zack Snyder’s version of « The Justice League », combined with the results of the post « Justice League » films (« Aquaman », « Shazam! », « Joker », « Birds of Prey ») in a scenario that has been called as « multiverse » and that allows the existence of several versions of the same character as in the animated « Spider-Man: a new universe », could mean a rethink of what Warner Bros. earlier dismissed the initial results .

The study has said that it will not be so, but the truth is that this will not be known until the final reaction is seen, especially by the public of this new version. Who would have guessed, but the triumph of the fans and Snyder, who devised and negotiated this return, could very much mean off-screen, what the Avengers did after Thanos’ snap.

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