WWE veteran referee Jimmy Kordeas recently spoke to WrestlingInc in an interview, on multiple topics, including Bruce Prichard, who took on the role of Paul Heyman as CEO on Monday Night Raw and what he thinks of the Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders dispute. .

Here’s what Jimmy Korderas said about Bruce Prichard as the new WWE boss and why he believes Prichard will be able to help the product and what Paul Heyman couldn’t:

It is an interesting move. It is not that it is not something new, since the creative part is renewed every five years. I think the idea here is to try to get some new ideas. Bruce has worked closely with Vince for a long time, and I know there will be that element that Bruce will be someone who always says “yes” to Vince. But also, Bruce understands what Vince likes, and maybe he can be that bridge.

Paul Heyman’s Work Style and Vision

Korderas added that Paul Heyman has a different style of presentation, a style that caters more to hardcore fans rather than the casual audience. He believes the casual fan was missing out and those fans were disconnecting from RAW. Having Bruce Prichard as the new manager could be an attempt to see what works.

Obviously, Paul had a different mindset and had a different vision. His style more satisfies the staunch and staunch fanatic. What is lost, in my opinion, is that casual fanatic who seems disconnected, especially right now (quarantine by covid), because everyone is tuned to different things. Maybe this is an attempt to see what works.

Jimmy Korderas also talked about the ongoing comedy angle between Street Profits and Viking Raiders and how he’s not a huge fan. Korderas stated that while he has no issues with comedy segments, WWE has abused it for far too long.

Again, I have no problem with comedy. I just think too much time has passed with this situation. It’s just me with Street Profits and Viking Raiders. I don’t mind a bit of comedy, but let’s move on please.

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