There are only a few weeks left for the 2020 Survivors edition to come to an end and exhaustion begins to take its toll on the contestants. Any misunderstanding can provoke a catastrophe among the survivors and an issue such as fishing can lead to the greatest of confrontations. This is precisely what has happened this week between Rocío Flores and Elena Rodriguez, so far two colleagues with good attunement that this Thursday war was declared at the last reality show on Telecinco.

The daughter of Antonio David Flores valued the daily work of Ana María Aldón when it came to fishing and collecting shells, something that her partner would not do, reaching the point of ensuring that she has a double face when the cameras are not there: “Take advantage when the cameras are there to ask me committed questions. He doesn’t tell me behind ask me about my father and mother“revealed the survivor.

An accusation that Adara’s mother did not like, who accused her partner of malmeter between peers and achieve the expulsion of the people who “have left over”: “Look at your navel more and do not be aware of what others are doing. She is, along with Ivana, like the typical neighbors who spy on you through the peephole to tell you what you have done made a mistake, “he said, beside himself.

Rocío insisted on the “bad arts” of the contestant: “She said to me:‘ You should congratulate your mother, she insisted to me while I was bursting inside. At first I thought it was unconsciously, but already one, two, three … I think his goal is to really screw me

Elena defended herself stating that she has never had “bad intention” and that she has spoken to all her companions about their respective families: “I do not care exactly what your father and mother do. I did not enter these controversies, I do not enter there. I assure you that I did not I am interested (…) I speak of all the families. I am interested in the human part of my companions. It normalizes a little, it normalizes the subject girl, because I speak of their parents with everyone. “

“Are you implying something?”, Rocío answered very annoyed. Elena just explained that she does not give more importance to her family than to the rest. But his partner was not convinced by his explanations.

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